Galactic Shaman Session

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$189.89 45 minutes

Expand your ability to be a full-fledged galactic super human!
Discover abilities you always had by cultivating them into full bloom! We are needed at this time to step into our power, our own divinity, for ourselves & the rest of humanity. The GALACTIC SHAMAN session is individualized; tailored to your needs, abilities & consciousness level. Get showered with activations, boosters & transmitted messages to enhance your soul learning. Ever been on an astral Galactic Shamanic journey? Try one now! Meet your Higher Self, totem animals, angels, ascended masters & star nation guides who come to initiate you into your unique shamanic soul path.


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A Galactic Shaman session is:
    45 min skype/phone session

  • Go on an astral Galactic Shamanic journey! A contemporary ancient vision quest, right here, right now. Bring crystals!
  • Receive enhanced psychic-intuitive boosters to connect directly with your spirit guides during this session!
  • See, sense and receive your own messages from your guidance team
  • Transformational energy healing
  • Revelation of your secret soul identity
  • See/sense what your innate soul gifts are
  • Launching you forward on your spiritual path & purpose on Earth Mother!
  • Mp3 audio recording of the session: your own specialized tool: audio guided meditation for you to re-access 5D space!