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Venus Dragon 3rd Eye Heart ACTIVATION

DIVINE FEMININE DRAGON VENUS-HEART & THIRD EYE ACTIVATION The Divine Feminine is coming back! However, she has been gone from humanity for thousands of years. We, the wayshowers, are the ones who are to bring her back. Together, for ourselves, our families and our...

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JAPAN TOUR! ~Tokyo-Osaka-Fukuoka~ March 2019

Stay tuned! March 2019 Japan Tour Alessandra will be in Tokyo-Osaka-Fukuoka offering: intimate private sessions small intensives 8 people max evening events one day workshops Iyashi Fair presentation Experience: Galactic Shamanic vision quests Alchemical crystal bowls...

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Tokyo, Japan ~Antarians: Cosmic Soul Cycles~ Dec 10, 2017

Workshop 2: Sunday December 10 Title: Antarians: Cosmic Soul Cycles Cosmic Soul Cycles Sacred Geometry in our light-bodies New Ascension codes Remembering lost galactic-human history How to become more pure & clear Inner Child and the Galactic Self Shedding layers...

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Tokyo, Japan ~Galactic Soul DNA~ June 3-4, 2017

Galactic Soul DNA ~2 Day Workshop. Tokyo, Japan. June 3 & 4 Presented by VoiceWorks Japan. The company that brought Lyssa Royal and Bashar to Japan! Sub title: Know Your Secret Soul Identity Galactic Masters Who Will Be Channeled: Pleiadians, Arcturians,...

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Tokyo, Japan ~Upgrade Lightbody~ May 27-28, 2017

Upgrade Your Light-body: Awakening Cosmic Codes ~2 Day Workshop. Tokyo, Japan. May 27 & 28 Presented by VoiceWorks Japan. The company that brought Lyssa Royal and Bashar to Japan! Galactic Masters Who Will Be Channeled: the Arcturians and the Hathors Outline : You...

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Chicago, USA ~Sisters of Venus ~ monthly 1st Friday

Alessandra channels Lady Venus and Divine Mother Isis. There are also guest appearances of the Galactic Kachina, White Buffalo Calf woman and others! This is an enthralling all-encompassing energy healing event you don’t want to miss. Be in a state of receiving energy healing, meditation and shamanic journeying.

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Chicago, USA ~ Holographic Brain ~ Nov 3, 2015

HOLOGRAPHIC BRAIN Tools for Visions & Clarity The class to change your reality!  Get visions by training your brain now! Neuroscientists have termed our brain as being ‘plastic’ meaning it is malleable: it changes! Theta brain states are crucial for greater...

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