Japan Tour 2020 Aldebaran Cosmic Codes



1) YES. The certificate holder will be able to provide energy healing session to others as a private session! For now my plan is that each certificate will have the title in Tokyo “Certified to offer Energy Healing of the Aldebaran Cosmic Codes Earth Dragon-Galactic Kachina.” And for Osaka “Certified to offer Energy Healing of the Aldebaran Cosmic Codes Cells-Mitochondria-Stellar-Gateway.” What I am saying is that I am not offering an energy healing system with levels such as Level 1 and Level 2. There are no levels in Cosmic Codes. There are frequency bandwidths! So each 2day workshop the healer gets attuned to the specific healing frequencies. So if people come to more workshops they can then collect them all! This certificate is for people who feel drawn to be energy healers and have never tried and never been trained in any kind of energy healing. But this certificate is also for the healer who is certified in many, many kinds of energy healing and wants to become more powerful and effective. This system enhances all of the abilities and knowledge within the healer.

2) Carbon body to Crystalline to Plasma body.
Right now most of humanity is living in 3D carbon based bodies. But the humans who are sensitive, starseeds, empaths, healers have been acting as more than within their 3D carbon bodies… we have already been using the crystalline light body. The Crystalline Light Body connects us to 5D, the whole galaxy and to information and technology. The crystalline light body has been stressing out our nerves. We have been using our nerves as relay systems, highways of light and photonic energy. The crystalline body was the conduit, the bridge from carbon to plasma. The crystal light body has now created meridian and pathways connecting our cell tissue to etheric light body. The Plasma interconnects, sooths, enhances all of this and makes it better. Plasma in 3D means to be in a state of matter that is a mixture of gas and liquid. Plasma helps the human use her whole body and aura as the third eye and not only the pineal gland. It makes being intuitve easier and yet stronger. Yes the cells will change on a molecular level. I am not sure if science has the technology to track that yet. The human appearance changes in being more alive, radiant, vibrant, cohesive, whole. Energy healers can pick up on this total change in frequency but normal 3D humans will just see a better younger looking person.

The Aldebaran Stargate is about to open and all souls who are here on Earth to help humanity are being called to help. We can help in birthing the New Earth by making exceptional changes within ourselves, in our mind-programs, in the purity of our hearts, in our DNA and in our light bodies. The Aldebaran Stargate is going to be bringing in a new infusion of light codes that some select humans will be ready and capable of holding. Alessandra was told by her guides to finally start bringing these codes in and Japan is the only place ready for the frequency! The purity of heart and the ancient wisdom in Japan is the perfect place with the perfect resonance. Japan is the only country in the world to sit on 5 tectonic plates and to have the unique cosmic portal from Mt Fuji. This means that Japan is calling in these future technologies that humanity is and will need. It is Mt Fuji who called in for the anchoring of the Aldebaran Stargate here in Japan.

  • Our bodies are going from carbon to crystalline to Plasma.
  • Advanced humans are going from DNA to Mitochondria activations.
  • We the New Wave of Earth Healers are about to embody our Plasma Light bodies!
  • Activation of the Higher Stellar Chakras in auric field
  • Downloading the New Cosmic Meridians in the physical body
  • New starlight is coming in from the constellations of Cassiopeia, Ceti, Cygnus, Orion, Draco, Andromeda and the Aldebaran Stargate is collecting these for humanity.
  • Aldebaran Stargate is home to the Platinum Rainbow Ray of energy healing.

What are the Aldebaran Cosmic Codes?

Alessandra has been traveling the world visiting sacred sites. In Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Australia and even Mt Fuji she began to have visions and downloads of these liquid crystal codes moving by her third eye and coming into her body. She knew that these new light frequencies were coming in from the Aldebaran Stargate. An old famous star for humanity that is holding and anchoring in wisdom, and new light technologies for the emerging humanity. Although Aldebaran is a 6 billion year old star, a giant star, it is also a gateway to frequencies and spirit wisdom from all Universes and many galaxies. Therefore, the Aldebaran light is not just from Aldebaran but from all places in the Universe and cosmos that are helping and assisting humanity. The Aldebaran Stargate is also home to the Platinum Rainbow energy healing ray that Alessandra works with.

Aldebaran Cosmic Codes are a series of codes to bring into our bodies and to use as a new energy healing system. The Aldebaran energy healing light works with the octahedron crystals that are inside our pineal gland. They are actual biology that is 100th of a hair thin. Scientist have just recently discovered this. Aldebaran light also works with the upgrading of the plasma in our blood and lymphatic system and enhances body vitality linking us to our plasma light-bodies. Each code and each workshop takes us deeper into this new energy healing light.

Who is this Energy Healing System for?

The Aldebaran Cosmic code energy healing system will enhance, upgrade and compliment all energy healing systems you have been trained in, received or worked with. Anyone can do this energy healing system. People who come to Aldebaran healing light are either experienced healers or complete beginners because the soul is eternal, the soul knows. Your soul will magnetically draw you to Aldebaran light if it is part of your soul mission on Earth now. Welcome!

How does Aldebaran help us?

  • Have you been tired, anxious worried, stress, busy?
  • Does your brain feel foggy, your emotions make no sense, your body might be experiencing unexplained freak pain or even chronic issues?

The new floodgates of light from the Aldebaran Stargate are coming in to harmonize, help, sooth our aching and confused bodies. The Aldebaran light is coming into our cells and DNA. Humans are in process of becoming Galactic Humans or also known as the New Earth Humans. If you are reading these words then you are at the forefront of these incredible pivotal times on Earth. We are the pioneers changing the world by changing our bodies on a cellular, DNA and mitochondria level. These are epic times on Earth! But we are uncomfortable, tired, and stressed. This means we need to learn how to use the magic within our bodies so that we can not only have a good healthy life but an incredible amazing life!



The Japan Mother Earth Dragon is a very ancient spirit that lived in the land of Japan many eons ago when Japan used to be the greatest world’s advanced civilization before the time of Atlantis. She has been dormant waiting to awaken when Japan-humans were awakening once again to the brilliance they once were. In a time, so challenging where their light, and only their unique light could save all of humanity. The Japan Mother Earth dragon is the dragoness, the Divine Feminine Dragon who is coming back to restore humanity to the balance and love of the Divine Feminine. We all need her. And you are the key!


The Galactic Kachina is the very ancient and vast spirit of the Milky Way Galaxy. She holds all of humanity’s cosmic karma. Humans have a secret untold galactic past. Some of this past is being stirred up and awakened within us. The Galactic Kachina is evolving. All frequencies in the Universe are in constant motion and evolution. The Galactic Kachina comes to us now at this moment in time when humanity and the Earth are coming to the cusp of a major evolutionary point. We are at a paradigm shift. Earth and Humanity are preparing for the upcoming Golden Age. The Galactic Kachina wishes to reveal ancient secrets for us about who we were so that we can then better become who we came here to be.


Aldebaran has been a very important star for the ancient humans for thousands of years. In Australia the Aboriginals use Aldebaran as part of the Southern Cross from where they orient themselves. In ancient Hindu tradition Aldebaran was known as the leader of the stars. In Persian tribes Aldebaran is known as the Sentinel watching over the other stars, the portal to the mysteries of the mind, the eye of revelation. Aldebaran casts its light to galaxies far, far away. Aldebaran is a very special stargate because it collects the energy, information and blessing from other Universes and galaxies. Aldebaran stargate is filtering new light for the New Age and is the distributer of the Platinum Rainbow healing ray.


Grounding the Ancient Divine Feminine
(Tokyo- Saturday)

Our bodies are changing, the world is changing. We need better tools to support these changes and pressures. The first step is to be trained in expanded grounding. As galactic light-workers we are to work with greater spirits such as the Mother Earth Dragon of Japan. This Great Spirit will be assisting us in grounding deeply. With this code we will be able to release other people’s energy, our own subconscious baggage and other hidden tensions in our cells, bodies and mind. This workshop is a deep cleanse for our bodies and minds in order to make space for the new higher frequencies we will soon be embodying. As spiritual beings we can no longer live separate from our environment or from the land. As we upshift into higher consciousness we expand to give and receive from the benevolent spirits around us, such as the Earth Dragon. This is also a re-awakening of the Divine Feminine energies within our physical bodies and Earth. Thanks to all of the dedication and hard work of Dynavision customers who attended last year’s Galactic Dragon Empress workshops we now can build on this relationship that we have fostered with the Mother Earth Dragon.

FOCUS: Expanded grounding to support our higher consciousness, Divine Feminine energy cycling within us.


  1. Updated deeper grounding with your Expanded Root Chakra & Feet Chakra
  2. Clearing your heart chakra and developing a pure heart
  3. You will be introduced to the frequency of the Aldebaran Stargate
  4. Galactic Shamanic journey to meet & collaborate with the Mother Earth Japan Dragon
  5. Installation of the Earth Dragon Code within your mind space & lightbody as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth


  1. How to continue this work on your own
  2. Earth had an egalitarian society of the Mother Goddess for 30,000 years.
  3. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  4. How to clean, clear your heart, feet and root chakra in great depth
  5. Shortcut quick exercise to purify your heart and root chakra
  6. How to use sound to deeply ground and anchor Divine Feminine
  7. How to use energy healing to release tensions, stress, anxiety, confusion, empathic overload
  8. How to ground in a more profound effective way which supports your expanding galactic consciousness
  9. How to work with the Japan Mother Earth Dragon
  10. How to do the energy healing system of the Mother Earth Dragon code-Aldebaran codes


  • You will hold within your lightbody the code of the Earth Dragon
  • You will be have an extended grounding rooting etheric auric cord to sustain your spiritual growth
  • Your will have a relationship with the Mother Earth Dragon of Japan

A color printed poster of the “Aldebaran Cosmic codes-Earth Dragon code”
channeled and designed by Alessandra Gilioli.


Clearing & Updating Cosmic Karma
(Tokyo – Sunday)

As the Earth continues to align with the center of the Galaxy our bodies are receiving increasing streams of photonic light. While this is great nutrition for our spiritual bodies it actually causes confusion and disruption to our mental and emotional bodies. We need to be trained in how to handle these incoming changes. Many people on Earth are losing their minds, their health and their jobs. There is a lot of chaos in the world now. The best way that we can help is to harmonize these new galactic frequencies within ourselves first. In so doing we are weaving a new tapestry of galactic-photonic light into the collective consciousness grids. This requires precise, technical skills and tools. The Galactic Kachina is the Spirit of the Milky Way galaxy who is here to assist us in this goal. We may not know this yet but much of the confusion and freak physical illnesses that we are experiencing are due to unresolved hidden cosmic karma. The Galactic Kachina is the professional who can assist us in overcoming the subconscious, intracellular karma and help us restore our innate super-human abilities. We are here not only to be happy but to be magnificent!

FOCUS: Clearing hidden cosmic karma, harmonizing erratic mental and emotional templates, soothing anxiety, stress


  1. Updated mental template in auric field
  2. Clean, clear, uproot hidden cosmic karma in emotional body, mental body and physical tissue
  3. Uproot hidden issues of self-sabotage, life-blocks, fear
  4. Harmonization of mental noise, support for empaths
  5. You will be introduced to the frequency of the Galactic Kachina & Aldebaran Stargate
  6. Galactic Shamanic journey to collect your higher auric chakra points and connect with the Galactic Kachina
  7. Installation of the Galactic Kachina Code within your mind space & lightbody as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth


  1. How to continue this work on your own
  2. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  3. How to clean, clear your mental body, emotional body, cosmic karma
  4. Shortcut quick exercise to energize your mental-emotional bodies
  5. How to use sound to cleanse, clear cosmic subconscious blocks & life-blocks
  6. How to use energy healing to recharge, update your emotional charge
  7. How to work with the Galactic Kachina
  8. How to do the energy healing system of the Galactic Kachina code-Aldebaran codes


  • You will hold within your lightbody the code of the Galactic Kachina
  • You will be have downloaded the Galactic Kachina energy points in auric field
  • Your will have a relationship with the Galactic Kachina
  • You will be working on healing your multidimensional soul karma

A color printed poster of the “Aldebaran Cosmic codes-Galactic Kachina code”
channeled and designed by Alessandra Gilioli.

Embodying the Physical Body for the Golden Age
(Osaka- Saturday)

Many people do not know this yet but our bodies are magical! We have tiny alien organisms living inside us called the mitochondria. They convert energy in our cells. Mitochondria also regulate the excretion of toxins from our cells. When mitochondria function properly we do not get cancer or any illness. The mitochondria are matrilineal and hold the DNA from our mothers and mothers’ mother. There are ancient secrets lying dormant within our mitochondria. And now is the time to unlock these! The mighty mitochondria are now active and ready to receive new energy, new information and new codes from the Universe. Mitochondria are the Queen and hold the key to our health, vitality, longevity and over all state of being. In recent studies within epigenetics scientists understand that it is the signals received by our cells that change our DNA. And what is responsible for receiving these signals? The mitochondria! All is connected. All is one magnificent opera of beauty. The human body is endlessly fascinating and magical. Let us unleash these new levels of technology and magic together! As united we begin to weave the upgraded light-bodies of the New Galactic human!

FOCUS: Activating our Mitochondrial DNA, deep cellular healing and reprogramming, preparing the body for plasma intervention and transmutation


  1. Deep physical healing at the cellular, intracellular and DNA Mitochondrial levels
  2. Reprogram your cells to work at the highest level their sacred level of function
  3. Receive seeds of higher light codes to support longevity and full body health radiance
  4. You will be introduced to your body intelligence and the mighty mitochondria
  5. Installation of new Galactic Body Meridians
  6. Preparing your physical body to hold more photonic light and to get ready to become plasma based
  7. Galactic Shamanic journey into your mitochondria and cells, infusing new Aldebaran Stargate light technologies
  8. Installation of the Cell Mitochondria Code within your mind space & lightbody as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth


  1. How to continue this work on your own
  2. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  3. Learn how the mitochondria is an anchor and receiver of higher galactic energy waves
  4. How to override old cellular programming to start the road to optimal health
  5. Shortcut quick exercise connect cells to Aldebaran Stargate
  6. How to use sound to recharge yourself on a cellular level
  7. Ho to circulate energy in your new Galactic Body Meridians
  8. How to use energy healing to reprogram your cells, DNA, mitochondria
  9. How to work with the cell body intelligence
  10. How to do the energy healing system of the Cell Mitochondria code-Aldebaran codes


  • You will hold within your lightbody the code of the Cell Mitochondria
  • You will be have downloaded the Aldebaran Stargate seeds into your mitochondria
  • Your will have a relationship with your body intelligence

A color printed mini poster of the “Aldebaran Cosmic codes-Cells DNA Mitochondria code”
Channeled and designed by Alessandra Gilioli.


Becoming the Plasma Lightbody
(Osaka- Sunday)

This is the launch of an epic new decade! We are living in incredible times on Earth. Our bodies, light-bodies and the circulatory systems in our body are seeking for harmonization and upgrades. We are becoming plasma beings, from carbon to crystalline to plasma. This is the direction of the Wise Elders of New Earth. If we do not do this work consciously then freak illnesses and other odd things will continue to unfold in our minds and bodies. Our bodies hold an innate intelligence and we will be working with that wisdom to hold and sustain higher grids of light. We are working with templates of divine frequency in our beings. In order to hold and anchor these new upgrades we will be working with the blood circulatory system and the lymph circulatory system. Both the blood and lymph hold plasma. By consciously interacting with our physical plasma we are invoking and expanding our life mission and increasing our spiritual power. We are becoming Spiritual Activists and starting a frequency revolution on Earth!

FOCUS: Developing your soul mission, building incredible stamina, working with the lymph circulatory system to bring plasma lightbody


  1. Upgrade your cellular, lymphatic and blood circulatory systems
  2. Create a relationship with your blood, lymph and brain plasma
  3. Anchoring of the new galactic body meridian pathways
  4. You will be introduced to the frequency of the Crystal unicorns & Aldebaran Stargate
  5. Galactic Shamanic journey to connect with crystal unicorns, your body intelligence and absorb the Aldebaran Stargate.
  6. Installation of the Stargate Code within your mind space & lightbody as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth


  1. How to continue this work on your own
  2. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  3. How circulate flow in your cell fluids, lymph fluids and energy body
  4. Shortcut quick exercise to bring stamina and vitality to all body templates
  5. How to use sound to rejuvenate and recharge the body
  6. How to use energy healing to support, sustain and integrate your new plasma body
  7. How to work with the Aldebaran Stargate
  8. How to do the energy healing system of the Stargate code-Aldebaran codes


  • You will hold within your lightbody the code of the Aldebaran Stargate
  • Your crystal unicorn will support you in your expanded soul mission
  • Your will have activated your physical body plasma
  • You will be have downloaded the Aldebaran Stargate energy points in auric field
  • Your will have a relationship with the Aldebaran Stargate wisdom

A color printed mini poster of the “Aldebaran Cosmic codes-The Stargate code”
channeled and designed by Alessandra Gilioli.


Each group session is an intense Galactic Shamanic journey.
We astraly travel to the famous crystal temple in Aldebaran 7D star space.
You will receive soul gifts from star-ray-frequencies & master guides.

Group session are extremely powerful and they are Alessandra’s favorite thing to do! Each group session is a unique different adventure so it is very fun! What makes group sessions so extremely unique is the transformative power of the ‘group cohesive force field.’ It is a principle of Galactic Shamanism where if several people are together in a shared focus and shared energy and they are guided by a galactic shaman, then a very incredible experience and shift can happen. It is a very different experience from having a private session or from being in a workshop.

In a group session, you get to experience funneled energy healing very similar to what the famous Native Americans accomplished in their tipi-healings. What is so exciting is that YOU get to experience pulsating energies inside your body and your auric field. The power of the concentrated energy allows you to get enhanced extra-sensory abilities. This means that in this shared state you get to see much more easily with your third eye! You get to sense the energy currents of energy healing more easily. And for some, you even get to clairaudient hear with greater ease. The ‘group cohesive force field’ technique by Alessandra and the galactic frequencies is especially designed to enhance and boost YOUR abilities to sense and see the 5D realms.

You will then receive soul gifts & accelerated healing from a unique, rare wide spectrum of frequencies from the Universe. This is Alessandra’s specialty as a Galactic Shaman. She specializes in stretching her shamanic abilities to reach a very wide span of platinum-rainbow-ray frequencies which are gathered from this and other Universes. This unfolds so that you get to be reconnected with very special aspects of your multidimensional soul. This is to enrich you and expand you as the Multidimensional being that you are. Alessandra will share what she sees is happening energetically. For example, one participant was so very happy she was crying because she was seeing her unicorn guide! Alessandra shared with the group that this participant had a shining unicorn guide to her left- exactly where the customer saw it! Each participant in the group will receive a soul gift from guest appearances of many frequencies from the Universe such as: dragon, unicorn, galactic masters, angels, fairies & more! It is just so very exciting to be part of this group experience because we get to meet someone’s unicorn when maybe you yourself were meeting your own fairy-guide. And so, you see, we get to be more enriched as multidimensional beings through this incredibly unique experience!

If you are attending the workshops then it would be a fantastic opportunity for you to participate in a group session. You will maximize your ability to grow and expand as a healer and person. If you are coming to a workshop then you can receive specific, tailored energy healing within the group so that your workshop experience can be enhanced, so that you will learn and be trained to the best of your ability while having all the possible support from the kachina spirits. Ajo!



Alessandra brings in frequencies from multiple Universes in order to assist you with the re-weaving of your Master Soul: your multidimensional self. She assists people in preparing for the ascension from this galaxy. Which means her private sessions, group healings, workshops are designed to connect you with the frequency bandwidth that nourishes your full spectrum healing into the higher octave of you. Alessandra is facilitating the development of Elders of the New Earth. All the people and healers who come to Alessandra’s work are way-showers, builders of the New World, whether they are doing it within themselves or on a larger scale.

Alessandra transmits the frequencies of:

  • Aldebaran Stargate
  • Crystal Plasma Fairies
  • Cosmic Whale Grandmothers from other Universes
  • Galactic Kachina the Spirit of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galactic Dragon and Unicorns
  • Fujisan & Mt Shasta & other Mountain kachinas
  • Lady Venus/ Goddess Isis
  • Archangels Metatron, Ariel, Elohim,Sandalphon
  • Alatron Master Alchemist Technology Intelligence
  • Arcturian/Antarian/Andromedan star rays
  • Guest Appearances from various rays of light from all over the Universes!



The oracle cards are channeled art by Alessandra. Each card is a direct transmission from a loving Galactic Master Guide who wishes to meet you!

There are many frequencies in the Universe that are streaming back into Earth now. It is our job as the way-shower healers to connect with these star-light frequencies and bring them into our hearts and bodies. We then can carry these new codes into our family, friends and clients and Mother Earth.

Meet the frequency love from:
Aldebaran, DNA Encoders, Crystalline Encoders, Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Antares, Orion, Andromedan fairies, Pleiadian cat beings, White Tiger Beings, Lady Venus, Hathors, Lion-beings, Tree Nymphs & many more!

Mayan Shaman said:
“These cards are just paper… but they hold a sacred being inside!”

Tokyo customer:
“This isn’t just an oracle card, it’s a PORTAL!”