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It is my greatest excitement to meet you. I am honored that you are considering working with me. Through ‘cross-pollination’ our souls get to exchange gifts that we each innately hold within ourselves which can deeply enrich another. Trust your gut. Only accept what feels right for you. You are here for a reason and that is pure MAGIC!


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45 Minute Session
In Person Chicago OR online worldwide.
Energy healing. Unlock blocks.
Receive intuitive messages.
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Activate your superpowers with a Soul DNA Session!
Discover abilities you always had by cultivating them into full bloom! We are needed at this time to step into our power, our own divinity, for ourselves & the rest of humanity. The “Galactic Soul DNA” session is individualized; tailored to your needs, abilities & level of consciousness. Get showered with activations, boosters & transmitted messages to enhance your soul learning. Ever been on an astral Galactic Shamanic journey? Try one now! Meet your Higher Self, totem animals, angels, dragons, fairy queens, ascended masters & star nation guides who come to initiate you into your unique shamanic soul path. See more info below!

What Happens in a Soul DNA Session?
Unlock Major Life Blocks

  • Launch your Greater Soul Mission
  • Past-life Soul Retrieval for Earth & Star lives
  • Galactic Crystal Energy Healing & Activation
  • Know Your Soul Gifts
  • Know Your Soul Star Lineage & Galactic Astrology
  • Mini Training in How to Access your Guides
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide or Totem Animal
  • Experience trance altered state of consciousness
  • Boost your extra-sensory abilities with Galactic Meridian activation
  • Mp3 audio recording of the session: your own specialized tool: audio guided meditation for you to re-access 5D space!

What is Your Secret Soul Identity?

Alessandra brings in frequencies from all over the Universes in order to assist you with re-weaving your Master Soul: your multidimensional self. She assists people in preparing for the ascension from this galaxy. Which means her private sessions, group healings, workshops are designed to connect you with the frequency bandwidth that nourishes your full spectrum healing into the higher octave of you. Alessandra is facilitating the development of Elders of the New Earth. All the people and healers who come to Alessandra are way-showers, builders of the New World, whether they are doing it incognito or on a larger scale. We are One Tribe!

What Frequencies will come in for You?
You are a multidimensional soul who has traveled far all over the Universe to be here now. In order for your soul gifts to come out you are being challenged to bring more of your other-worldly soul aspects into your human-self now. Alessandra has been trained to specialize in tuning in to a vast wide spectrum of frequencies in order to assist you in enriching your soul mission here. Your Higher Self will draw forth some of the frequencies from the list below or new ones will come forth!

  • Cosmic Whale Grandmothers from other Universes
  • Galactic Kachina the Spirit of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galactic Dragons
  • The Legion of Platinum Rainbow Angels
  • Patowatomi Native American Elders
  • Mother Earth Wise Woman
  • Fujisan & Mt Shasta & other Mountain spirits
  • Fairy Queens Lady Venus & Goddess Isis
  • Wise Elder Tree Spirits
  • Crystalline Encoders
  • Archangels Metatron, Ariel, Elohim, Sandalphon
  • The Alatronic Forces in the unified field of Alchemy Technology Intelligence
  • Pleiadian, Arcturian, Andromedan. Sirian, Antarian & more star rays
  • Guest Appearances from various rays of light from all over the Universes!

More In-Depth Details!

Unlock Major Life Blocks
Alessandra receives visions from her Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Together they will share with you what is being revealed. Usually it is like a movie scene of a past life issue from Earth or other dimensions. This past life will explain the subconscious blockages in your psyche. This is often achieved in several 4 hour regression-hypnotherapy sessions… but Alessandra & her guides can access this for you within minutes!

Launch your Greater Soul Mission
Behind each major block lies the thing your soul wishes to do most. Therefore unlocking your block is a direct route to facing your Soul Mission! Your Soul Mission is what your soul decided for you to come and do when on Earth in this lifetime. Usually we have several minor soul missions and one greater one. Many times it is some field or theme we are already aware of and other times it’s something we didn’t have the courage to face yet or acknowledge within us. Life is an ever evolving journey!

Galactic Crystal Energy Healing & Activation
Alessandra transmits potent energy healing from Source. Her hands are guided by her spirit guides and no session is ever alike! Therefore as a healer she is simply the conduit for a Higher Power to work through her to bring phenomenal healing to you. Healing that you receive because you are creating the healing process itself. You are the one calling and setting up this divine encounter. The healing phenomenon occurs between you and Divine Source. Most people who come for a healing are usually very high caliber healer souls whether aware of this or not. As such a special activation occurs where unique frequencies from the Universe pour into your energy field to upgrade your light body templates. So you have access to a greater reality, achieve accelerated healing and manifestation.

Your Soul Gifts will be Revealed
The Spirit Guides will inform you of what gifts your soul has mastered over thousands of lives on Earth and other realms. These soul talents are part of what makes you special and are also part of your current life soul mission.

Soul Star Lineage & Galactic Astrology
The Multi-verse are a very large place! As an eternal soul you have been to many places. Where are you from? Alessandra and her Galactic Spirt Team will let you know what your Soul Star Lineage is. This is a form of Galactic Astrology. Regular astrology focuses on the 12 astrological signs and the solar system. Galactic Astrology expands is wisdom to include the 88 main constellations in this sector of the galaxy. With special emphasis on certain star-light frequencies such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, Antares. Each star-light-ray has a magical history and power. Find out what’s your secret soul identity!

Mini Training in How to Access your Guides
You will receive special instructions on how to access your guides. Tools channeled just for you meeting you at your level of ability and how to maximize what you can do.

Meet your Spirit Guide or Totem Animal
You have from 3-8 guides with you, maybe even more depending on many factors. Wouldn’t you like to know who they are? As you evolve as a spiritual human being you also get new guides in addition to your current ones. Discover your spirit family!

Experience Altered States of Consciousness
Unplug from chaotic 3D busy life and give yourself a 3 week vacation by never leaving the city! The magic in altered brain states and heart coherence is that you get to delve into the unique powerhouse that you and your body are. Within the span of a few minutes you can alter the chemicals in your amygdala and lower brain stem and access a deeply profound nourishing brain and full-body state. That is the magic of Galactic Energy healing. To foster your ability to alternate between 3D and 5D realms, to recharge your batteries in a deeply nourishing way and to give you a jump start in your life path. Altered brain states achieve this and much more!

Boost your extra-sensory abilities with Galactic Meridian activation
These are miraculous times on Earth now. We humans are achieving unprecedented feats on Earth now. One of them being, that some of us are accessing more of our greater soul in our physical bodies. This means that we have galactic meridians coursing through our light body and physical body. These new meridians are coming back on line and bring with them the fuel to activate our innate extra-sensory abilities. The outdated 7 chakra system is being replaced with a more higher-power white-light 12 chakra system to support the 12 stranded DNA. We are becoming galactic human. We are at the cutting edge of human potential!

What Goes Down in a Session

  1. Laying Down on a Massage Table
    Because the energies are very intense. Alessandra will introduce the work that she does and will ask you some questions about yourself. This helps Alessandra and the Galactic Master Guides understand better how you are now and how to translate and channel frequencies and information to you.
  2. Altered States of Consciousness
    It is important to wear comfortable clothes and be seated in a comfortable chair or laying down so that you can allow your body to relax as you reach altered states of consciousness. You will feel awake, conscious and aware, but your body will feel a bit heavy.
  3. Alessandra will receive visions for you.
    She will talk with you about what she is seeing for you. She starts channeling the Galactic Master Guides and they start performing energy healing on you to harmonize the past life blockages that they see.
  4. You can Ask Questions
    The guides are being channeled. At some moments you are invited by the guides, through Alessandra, to ask questions. The guides want to make sure you understand and learn. So they are happy to answer for you!
  5. Talk. Session then Talk.
    The session starts with client and Alessandra talking it goes into channeling and energy healing. The client is taken into an altered state and then Alessandra takes you down from the Higher State. There is some discussion once the client comes back to normal consciousness.