January 11th at 4:00-5:30pm cst USA (see video above for this past event)
January 12th at 9:00-10:30am Sydney, Australia (see video above for this past event)

Opening the Cosmic Umbilical Cord at Uluru creating pathway of the Rainbow Serpent
Shamanic Rain Dance for Australia with the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers
Lady Venus Steers us into the Age of Aquarius
Rare quadruple conjunction Saturn-Pluto-Mercury-Sun
2020 Year of Societal Reset, Personal becomes Political
Alchemical Sound Ceremony: Crystal harps, shaman drum, idiopans, angel wingnote, koshi bells, crystal bowls. Tribal-Galactic vocalizations ancient and futuristic technologies!


The Ascension Gateway above Earth is opening a portal for New Earth Healers to usher in the New Earth. At the North Pole portal above the Earth is a sacred opening called the Ring of Ascension. We clairvoyants see this as a soft pink halo around the Earth. The Ring of Ascension has a portal for us to float above and begin to fashion Master Planetary Healer work here. We are working in assistance of the Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara and legions of others in fact Each healer is bringing at arms her own unique lineage of legions of the Light as we work together for this epic moment.

We will be gathering in spirit to the portal above the North Pole and will be guided to connect with Lady Venus, the Morning Star of all First Nations people and in alignment with the Aldebaran Stargate of New Possibilities. This stargate is busy in bringing in all of the lost information of the millenia including the true north of the Feminine Power and what some nations, such as the Aboriginal, are calling the Rainbow Serpent. She is coming back. In order for her to be brought back and to be at nestled back at home, reclaimed, assimilated loved and nourished she needs a nesting anchor. The sacred location of Uluru, known as the Cosmic Umbilical Cord of the Earth has long been standing as such a secret mystical spot of immense political, etheric and global planetary power. It has been guarded, kept secret and intensely protected from humanity as one can see that much of humanity has been acting as hurtful raging teenager.

The wisdom, love and global acceptance of the Grandmother archetype is coming back in giant tsunami waves of colossal love, judgement (year 2020 is the Tarot card of judgement). As they bring back torrents of wisdom, global collaboration and planetary cohesiveness.

At the top of the Portal of the Ring of Ascension we, Planetary Healers, will be gathering to align with the open hearted love of Venus as she enters her trajectory into Aquarius thus ushering in the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Indeed Venus will be entering the Steering Wheel star cluster!! Steering humanity’s heart into a greater collective of cohesive wonderment. Venus will align and connect us to the Aldebaran Portal the Guardian of the New Wisdom Seekers and creators of the New World and a portal to all lost, hidden suppressed wisdoms. Including the now famed Platinum Rainbow Ray, that light that collects all of the angels, Ascended Masters, unicorns, dragons, fairies and much more.

This is a time and junction of major COHESION. And we are being invited to act as portals of light.


We will be acting as conduits and communicators as we invoke the power to commune with the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers as they in turn will:

“Communicate with the sky beings, rain beings, thunder clouds, to plump the weather and cross the continuent to where their bounty is most needed. Continue to pour rain into the songlines underground and see water move in all directions.”
~Aborginal Elder Sri Devi Mulara.


This auspicious webinar event is free and is an opportunity for us all to take a stand in 2020 and to stand up for what we believe in. Together in ceremony we show spirit Universe, Mother Earth, our ancestors and Higher Selves that we mean business. We ARE the birthers of the New Earth and we are here to stay. Heck, we are here to make camp. In fact we are here to band together as the RAINBOW TRIBE, All Nations, all beings, together co-creating a new world were all are heard, important, loved cherished and were we are all supported to THRIVE. Ajo!


Hold space in your heart, in your home alter, among your sphere of influence. Stand firm and strong and will for positive change such as rain all over Australia to balance nature in her time of need. Ask your Higher Guidance Team to work through you and express your Soul Brand of Love. Ajo!

Create your own energy healing meditation groups in person or online. Share visions for the New Earth a just society for all. Ask for Venus as your guide and the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. Lead others in acts of personal and planetary Spiritual Activism.

Spread the word and join this heart-hugging global Galactic Shamanic ceremony!


By Pars Kutay
n January 2020, a massive planetary energy activation is due to occur on Earth at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. At this time, the planetary Solar Plexus Chakra located at Uluru (formerly Ayre’s Rock) and Kata Tjuta, in Central Australia, will be fully activated. Aboriginal lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed. This ritual was meant to fulfil the great plan of the Earth Spirit. Once the ritual is consummated, ‘perfection will spread throughout the world’. In other words, this ritual will open the way from 4th to 5th world consciousness.’ This event is symbolised by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which unites Earth with the Sun. It is predicted that this cord will begin to function in 2020 AD, at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Together, Uluru and Kata Tjuta form the world Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the primary chakra for the maintenance of global health and vitality of the planet, and all living things. If things are not right here, then the whole world system suffers. It is now time for this to be healed. The healing began in October, 2019, when a total ban on climbing the highly sacred site of Uluru was declared.

According to Robert Coon, author of ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail,’ this powerful activation will also involve a blast of divine light and energy through the song lines (ley lines) of the planet, connecting all of Earth’s main chakras together, and most especially one of the main energy arteries/song lines referred to by the Aboriginal people as The Rainbow Serpent (representing Divine Feminine Energy to many). This line starts at Uluru (solar plexus) and travels through Bali (world purification centre), to Glastonbury (heart and third eye chakras), to Lake Titicaca (sacral chakra) and then back around and through to Uluru.

The planetary event in January 2020 is actually a rare quadruple conjunction involving Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun. The previously interrupted ceremony will culminate in the reactivation of the Solar Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth with the Sun, and on deeper levels with the Great Central Sun. This, in turn, will assist in the creation of an archetypical communication between the Sun and Earth, to help us to more fully embrace a ‘Golden Age’.

Several weeks ago, one of our group received the message that ‘it is time to tap within’. She was shown bubbles of light building up around the two energy centres of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. She could see Aboriginal people singing this energy into a bubble, then the waters breaking from an amniotic sac. A pale blue, crystalline light and then a mauve light built up around it. She was told that part of the DNA of the Aboriginal people is vibrating and contributing to the birthing/activation.

We’re asking people to please send energy to the Ngaltawaddi Ceremony being held at Uluru, located in the Northern Territory, Australia, on January the 12th, 2020, and to visualize the Cosmic Umbilical Cord being healed.

Here are words to assist this healing of the World Solar Plexus Chakra:
Let the sun shine on Uluru and Kata Tjuta,
Let the Pathway of the Rainbow Serpent be clear,
So that greater health and vitality may circulate
Throughout the world to bless all beings;
Today, breathe —– relax —– smile—- and give thanks to the Earth.
By Pars Kutay: