Travel to Glastonbury through the power of meditation! The Heart of Mother Earth, Glastonbury, awaits you. Together we shall form a unique and timely alignment with our hearts, Mother Earth and the Cosmic Heart. Forming an incredible Galactic-Earth-Heart bridge into the New Earth. The time is now. Our bodies, minds and humanity need this. 

Nothing matters more than creating a life lived in soul alignment. It is the purpose of life. To live in alignment with who you really are. So how do we achieve this alignment?  It is a process of Aligning your Soul deeply to the Earth’s frequency opening what we call the heart of Earth. Then we need to bring Unconditional  love to our Soul, focusing on our own Crystalline higher heart, forgiving those who have hurt us and also forgiving ourselves for the lack of love. 

It is only when we reach a balance between these 2 hearts that we find ourselves able to open our Galactic Heart

Living this way, you can’t help but realize your potential or be happy because life becomes a moment by moment flow of thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions that match up with your soul needs.

Your soul has a purpose, a love, a peace, a truth, a vision, a way of perfect expression.   As spiritual beings living a human existence it is vital to stay in soul alignment, you will flow naturally to the life you are meant to be living, and you will feel this in your heart.

Maybe you are feeling like something is missing, everything feels disconnected and you are unable to handle the challenges that life throws at you.                                                                                                                                       

Soul alignment allows you to find peace through the storm. To receive your inner wisdom’s guidance to navigate through in a way that deeply honours you. 

In this 2 hour super-charge event we will:

  • Open the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth  at Glastonbury bringing in a deep Soul grounding.
  • Light up the Dragon-Lines from the Heart Center at Glastonbury which in turn light up new Galactic Meridians in our light-bodies.
  • Experience our Crystalline Heart as we link to Venus to remove all blocks to love so that we can receive the love that we need.
  • Open our Galactic Heart bringing down the Golden frequencies of light through our own Antakarana  allowing this to open and energize our physical body so that our Soul can Align fully to Mother Earth.
  • This will result in a much needed upgrade responding specifically to these Now-Times. Let’s fortify ourselves!

Prepare to be dazzled by the new level of love-light that our very own light bodies, within the physical body, can withstand. In other words we were born for these times. Whether we are consciously aware of that or not yet. Our higher dimensional guidance team is at the ready to downpour into us new strands of galactic light, new Galactic meridians, to activate so that we can begin to source our energies, stamina and life in new and upgraded ways. We needed this tune up so that we can show up as the Earth Soul Masters that we are!  As the Cosmically Heart Centered beings that we were. Come with us into these new Rainbow Times. 

WHEN: Saturday September 12th at 7:30 pm BST/1:30pm CST



Topic: Free Soul Alignment Events  (Saturday 12th September )

Time: Sep 12, 2020 07:30 PM London and 1.30 PM Chicago

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Meeting ID: 834 9313 9944

Passcode: 012910



Neil and Zena from Crystal Heaven in Glastonbury UK and 

Alessandra Gilioli with Galactic Crystal Healing in Chicago, USA. 

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