Oracle Cards in Português – US and international


Arcturian Galactic Travelers

Enhance your intuition with oracle cards available here with Portuguese translation! The first of its kind! Created to launch you into the Cosmos! Connect with twenty-four distinct cosmic frequencies from the Universe! Cutting edge spiritual technology tools at your fingertips. Allow your soul to sing with new ancient soul friends. The Arcturians introduce you to:
Andromedans, Antarians, White Tiger Beings, Crystalline Encoders, Aldebaran, Pleiadian Sprite Commander, Lady Venus, Orion Warrior of the Light, Lyran Stargate, DNA Encoders, Alano Warrior Queen and more!

  • Twenty-four stunning, large-format, full color oracle cards
  • Portable 64 page booklet guide with additional info & guidance
  • Elegant gauze gift bag

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How People Around the World Are Using these Cards

Carla in Brazil activates her workshop participants to Aldebaran, for Planetary Healing, in her Multidimensional Arcturian Healing workshops. Carla is in Rio de Janeiro at Espaco Athena.
Featured Oracle Card: Zion from Aldebaran

Colleen in California links clients to Luloo the Fairy from Andromeda. Colleen works with a wide range of multidimensional frequencies, inlcuding: Inner Earth, Arcturians, Sirians, Orions and many more!
Featured Oracle Card: Luloo Andromedan Fairy

Nalinee in Thailand transmits Light Language activations via sound and art. She works with Thoth, Goddess Isis and many other galactic beings. After connecting with Uralali from Antares Nalinee now connects with her new Antarian guide Lara spreading new information to the world.
Featured Oracle Card: Uralali from Antares