Dear Masters of the Light, the Game has changed. You need a new Game Plan. We are here to help

Torrents of Light are coming in affecting the polarity expressions on the Earthly plane in ways that are completely unprecedented. The time of the fall of Atlantis was one such time when the worlds collided and civilizations came to an end. Now is such a similar time line experience where things are so intense for you sensitive souls that things need to change. You need a new game plan. We are here to help. Here is what we think will assist you in sustaining your light, maintaining your strength and give you the added energy you need for your tired spent bodies.

You are Masters of the Light as such you have done this before, many times. Now is the time to call in more personal power and work more closely with us. Here is a helpful check list for you to modify and create your own Game Plan:


Visualize White Light grids plugging into your nervous system from your back brain stem and from your spinal cord. Pumping you with the electrical currents from the Higher Realms from which you are from. This shall recharge you.


Commit to have a renewed focus of your thoughts. Keep meandering thoughts in check and be sure that your thoughts serve your greater purpose of UPLIFTING your mood. Switch from being in mind-space into heart space and you shall feel peace.


The life you are living is no longer just yours. You are here for a purpose and that purpose is to anchor in higher light from your home realms. This means that you are to embody the Warrior of the Light ethic of maintaining yourself in the Highest Vibration possible. This means more focus turns to you: maintain your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual self in impeccable state. If this means for you to drink more water, take naps, find ways that are required by your system to recharge your batteries. You are needed more than you can imagine.


This moment in time, these times where the Earth civilization is crying out for change, where so much light is available on a darkened planet, this is what you came here for. To shed your light, your energy that you have worked so hard to maintain. You are the ones to beam the light house light the call that shall bring your brothers and sisters home with you. Time is short. You are soon to feel the full beauty of your own radiance.


Give your tensions, frustrations and other lower density emotions down your pranic tube (along your spinal column) and push through your root to Mother Earth. She can take this excess energy and recycle it. Mother Earth can work with you in this way to assist you in regulating humanity’s tensions. She can assist as the massive Master Being that she is. Use her to sooth the collective unconsciousness in this way. This is also a potent grounding tool for you.


You have the gift of consciousness. Others do not. This is a light within your being that is now growing and expanding to incredible proportions. Before going to sleep end the day with a list of things you are grateful for. This shall raise your frequency even higher and slip you into peaceful rest.


While the outside world is tense with trauma and world calamities your best tool is the vast heart that your soul has acquired over many lifetimes in these situations. You see, you feel, you love, your compassion extends all limits and barriers. Be open, be you and know that your vulnerability, your openness and willingness to love is the strongest tool imaginable for yourself and all beings. We the Higher Guidance team, your colleagues, can be here in these tough times because of the vibrations of the power of your OPEN HEARTS. Keep up the good work. We are here for you.


The game has shifted and intensified. You are being called to up your game. This is for your success as a planetary lighhtworker. Intense energies are coming in that require greater intention, focus, integration and grounding for you, while keeping a soft space and opened heart. You have been preparing for lifetimes for this event. It is here now. Create a new mindset, a new focal system that works for your personality and your lifestyle so that you may feel supported and can carry through with what you are here to do. There is great love for you, for the valiant spirits that you are and for the immense amounts of compassion that you are exhibiting. We are here in Unity Consciousness with you, your Higher Guidance Team Ascension. Aho