Dear Glorious beings! In your dream-time you leave this reality-video-game and you return to your larger I AM presence. You travel, you have meetings, you discuss planetary events. You go to different planets and higher pristine dimensional realms. Then, at early morning, your astral body returns to your physical-vessel and awakens, ready to be your filter for this reality-video game.

You time-jump.

At night in dream-time you are freed of the Earth-video- game-program and you are free to roam the higher worlds where time and space are of little consequence. Where you have the power to go anytime anywhere. Yes, dear ones, you are VAST beings of higher mind and higher consciousness. You have this and so much more available to you!

When we see you we see masters of light that are multitasking like no body’s business! You are master time-line jumpers too. This requires you to be very careful for your re-entry process when you come back into your earth-body-vessel. When you re-enter you must be aware of what time-line you are returning to. If you are too attached to your reality-game you shall find that your emotional and mental-bodies shall be linked in too much. This means that your mental and emotional bodies have forged deep bonds with this video-game and require some assistance to loosen these attachments.

In essence, you have become too involved in the story, in the video-game.

How to get out? It helps you have a fresh start each day. A REAL fresh start. This can be achieved if you bring yourself into a Higher State Awareness before entering sleep the night before. This means meditating, reading, listening to uplifting higher consciousness audios and doing some liquid light visualizations. Programming your mind and emotion body to get deep, relaxing, refreshing sleep. And reminding yourself that all is temporary, nothing is real, nothing is paramount. The most real thing is your essence, your being, your light and your connection to Source. All else is a temporary illusion. A beautiful and terrifying illusion that you have fantasticaly co-created and participate in for yours and others’ evolution.

When you are in dream-time in your I AM presence you are in a larger wider time-frame. One that allows you to see and do greater things on large, large scale. This means that you may be in a time and space where Earth was just birthing. Or when Earth has already ascended. Or in parallel worlds entirely. You are in essence your God-self when you are freed from the illusion of your body-mind avatar. Yes you are always your God-self but you FEEL it more easily when you are freed of your body.

We are here to tell you that you can use your body, you can maximize your resources and we shall show you how.

  • Give yourself proper sleep. Going to bed early for example by 10pm or earlier.
  • Get into a sacred meditative state knowing and anticipating that your body shall have replenishing sleep and that your I AM essence shall be ready to fly and free to explore the higher realms.
  • Drink plenty of water with proper mineral content.
  • Stretch and do yoga so that your body can release tensions and access true proper sleep.
  • Wake up with a morning meditation-intention. This can be one mantra, one thought. It can be “I am living in deep gratitude today.” Or “I call on my guide to be within me and guide me all day today.”
  • Expect and look for little miracles “nuggets of gold” throughout the day. It could be that someone gives you a heart-felt sincere compliment at work. Or you find $50 in a pocket. Little things that are special uplifting moments that are unique for that day.
  • Whisper “I am open to miracles!” and see what happens.

Each day is a new adventure. It holds a perfect cycle: a rhythm, the opportunity for a theme for the day. It may be a challenging day and then we are glad it is over and we get a reset. It can be a high power day when we have no idea how we accomplished all we did, but we did! Each day is a jewel unto itself. And each night is your window into an entirely different timeline.

Enjoy the great adventure that is this multidimensional life!