Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. We are coming to you. We are many. We are a collective. We come from other planets and other universes. We come to interweave peoples, places, locations, timelines, worlds, and paradigms. We are what you might think of as paradigm shifters.

As you are sensing us, you are sensing how we are the same, or similar, or resonating with you, too, who are paradigm shifters. So, inside of you, is a kernel of truth or a vibrational frequency that matches with the idea and concept of being a portal, a portal of light, a portal of higher consciousness, a portal to intradimensional kingdoms, a portal to the angelic realms, a portal to the unicorn realms, a portal to dragon realms, a portal to galactic frequencies’ wisdom and knowledge, a portal to the heart of Gaia, and a portal the Universe and the Multiverses themselves.

You may be all of these portals.

You may be some. You may be one. But you are definitely several portals at once, meaning that you are always a portal to, through the route of your Higher Self connecting up, up, up, the One Pure Source frequency that intraconnects us all. This Multiverse and this specific Universe is a very interesting, intricate web of frequencies and lattices that are connected with different belief systems.

If we were to simplify concepts, we would say that the lattices, or different webs in different worlds, represent the different belief systems–systems that people live by. You could say that you have the crystalline lattice. You could say that you have the work ethic and working 9 to 5 lattice. You can imagine that many lattices or realities or concepts or mind programs or stories are currently in the process of being disentangled, or broken off. There is a certain state of chaos in this world at this time. So, we are coming to you, in the blessed form of the Sacred Mother Whale bringing to you the wisdom and ages of the sacredness of the grandmother for, in your language and terminology, the grandmother has been a mother. Now she is a grandmother or mother to many generations and many realities and has seen the wisdom of the ages come and go, and things de-generate and de-evolve.

This is the time, my friends, to bring it within you, to have within you the seedling of power from the Cosmic Creator Grandmother force.

Even though we are talking to you from the energy and frequency, focal point of the concept or idea of a Cosmic Whale Grandmother, we are bringing to you the embodiment and archetype and concept of embodying your own grandmother frequency within yourself. If you aren’t going to do it, who else will? Are the people who are in power, are they acting like grandmothers? Are they thinking of the benefit for all of their millions, or 7 or 8 billion grandchildren? Are they thinking of the great-grandchildren’s’ future potential and their ability to live on earth or to be in a stream, to climb a tree and to bring the perfect amount of oxygen in the air? Are the CEOs and the Bank people in charge way, way, up at the top, whatever it is…the top 0.03% of the people who are in charge and making the decisions, and the influencers and the people creating the different thoughts and structures, and the people basing things on greed, are they being grandmothers? Are they thinking “Oh, you are woman and you are pregnant. Take off a year to take care of your child that your child will be strong and healthy and balanced in order to be emotionally and psychologically balanced. Oh, you have your period, take off the week so that you can be at home or be with other women who are also having their period and be in a different time flow and do not be in the busy, busy hustle bustle of dominate, control, or extermination of the being-ness or shiny-ness of others.”

This is a world that has gone awry for everyone participating in it. The grandmother wisdom has been eliminated. There are no grandmothers that are seen or visible. Their wrinkles have been air brushed out, their breasts have been lifted up and pumped in and they have shape shifted and they have been destroyed from their wisdom and existence and relevance. What a sad place where the relevance of the wisdom of the time and the ages of the world is made to be so easily deposed by the next iPhone or the next Instagram. This is an odd world that we have all created together, co-created, assisted in being. There are many cooks that are spoiling the broth together, we shall see or say.

But you are one of those cooks. And you are beyond the cook.

You are a fairy of resilience, you are a Sekhmet goddess of destroying some of the lattices that no longer work. And you destroy, dismantle the lattices simply by giving greater power, pumping greater power into the creative web that you are weaving. So, web-weavers, reality-weavers, continue thinking your thoughts of happiness, joy, collaboration, support of one another. Continue creating the love streams from your heart, from you minds, and from your grounded feet of the earth. Continue showing the way humbly. Humbly wherever you are in this world and in this reality. And slowly, silently with great conviction, power, might, groundedness, and decision, you are already weaving and re-weaving a parallel counter-reality that has all of the multiple dimensions within you and outside of you that you know are the ultimate truths.

We are speaking to you directly dear ones, the ones who can see, the ones who can hear. It is a dire world out there. It is challenging. It is tiring. It beats you down. And it makes you wonder “why?” We are here to remind you of the other realities, you, reality-weavers, that you are part of. These other realities come into your soul matrix. Therefore, remember to take a moment throughout the day to disengage from giving your full attention to only your personality. Your personality is the ego interface that you have carefully crafted and created to be the human of this lifetime, here, now. But your soul matrix is that multi-tiered, multi-leveled limitless eternal being that you are that has the extremely unique soul mapping of where it is that you have been, lived, incarnated, or floated around in this and other universes.

So, relish, revel, swim, light up the lights within your soul matrix, your multidimensional self because it is in giving light and bringing back on line those threads of your soul matrix that is how it is that you bring in back on line the other threads of the matrices that you are in charge of, or connected to. As you are bringing back online your matrices, your friends and healers all around the globe are doing so also. So, what are you doing?

You are lighting up the world with this intraconnected new weaving of blankets of new realities. And, this, is how you are living.

You can be cooking dinner, preparing lunches for the children for school, reminding so-and-so to do their homework, all at the same time as you are lighting up the matrices of the world. This is the power of you, woman. And we are speaking to you the divine feminine woman, and if you find yourself to be in a male body, and listening to these words, reading these words, we are still calling you “woman” because we need woman. And we need grandmother. And we need sister. And we need each other. There is absolutely nothing wrong or erroneous with man. However, the concept of man and the concept of masculinity has been distorted to counter-serve man himself. So, man is in need of the grandmother to remind him, and scold him, and tell me what needs to be done next, and how it needs to be done.

We are in dire need of the over-arching grandmother. And what better way to find solace and comfort into the body of us, the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. We are massive, larger than life. We are swimming around your planet, rotating around it now. And we are HUGE. One or two of our bodies could hug around the planet earth. That is how big we are. That is how much help and assistance is coming to you into your heart now. And that is how much power you are harboring in your heart.

Remember, there is great power within you at any moment in time.

It is contingent upon the luminous threads that are emanating from your being-ness, from your soul frequency, right now. Remember that you are way, much, much, more than what you think or feel are the limitations of your human form and of your ego interface.

Let us give a little bit of acknowledgement and thank you to the ego-interface that you each all have at this moment in time. It is a wonderful construct. The personality is a very clever way of living this illusion of separation. We are reminding you to shift a little bit more in, be a little bit more comfortable to lean back into the soul matrix that you are, and to remember that you are all story weavers, light weavers, matrices. You are connected deeply, especially in the woman body, you are connected deeply with the creatrix of the world and worlds and realities. This is a wonderful responsibility, albeit though it is a quiet responsibility, it is a beautiful one to have, with many rewards and with many fulfillments within the heart—these quiet, silent fulfillments. You know you are doing right because as mothers, as matrices weavers, you are creating the better earth and better future for your children.

So, we need you. We need all of you. You do not need to stand on a stage, do not need to be writing the earth changing books. You do not need to be leading the workshops, you can be the matrices weavers as you are whispering the soft, sweet, kind stories of love as you are tucking in your children in bed, as you are sending them to school and college and sending them away for their life, as you have set them up for life on a complicated and doubtful world where there are so many things happening at once and you see them all.

You are the pillar of strength. You are the true pillars of strength, the unsung heroes.

If ever there was a moment to bring a little bit of attention to all that you are doing and managing, the matrices holders, sustainers, and weavers, now is the moment to honor all of you mothers and grandmothers. Mothers of reality, mothers of the future humans, mothers that are on mother earth. The mothers and sister weavers, you are deeply honored and seen and understood and loved. And may you move forward now with each footstep and with each moment of your life from now on forward, knowing that you too have the support that you so beautifully and kindly are giving to the others in your life.

Understand this: you have the support of the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. All of the work that you are doing, might be unseen and invisible at this time. It is being seen, acknowledged, recognized, loved and cherished from the higher, higher spirits. Even though we are coming to you in this Cosmic Whale form, we are angelic, we are sacred, we are embodying what is missing and needed. And we are direct purveyors and connectors of the One True Source that is the Mother-Father frequency for all of us. So, we ARE your brothers and sisters, but we are ALSO the grandmothers too, love you and assist you and take care of you. And in a way, direct you, if that is what you are needing and seeking. Continue doing the brilliant work that you are doing, one minute, one moment at a time.

Remember that nobody is perfect. Nor are you expected to be perfect because perfection is boring, perfection is limiting, and perfection gets you nowhere in your soul growth. So, mistake away.

We love you dearly. We are the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. 2018 All rights reserved