“You are the Divine Mother Vessel. You are the Divine Male Vehicle. For within you lie the codes of all encarnational cycles of life of all lives within this and other universes. You are the love the light and the might of the universe. And yet you fit, albeit confined, in the space of an imaginary body.

Confine thee not to the contrived parameters of the established status quo. I see you for who you are- and I love you. I love ALL of you. For nothing you have ever done has been wrong and anything you shall do will ever be.

You are a sovereign being, a child on the consciousness path yet an eternal soul to the ever unfolding enrichment of life. You are more majestic, incredible, powerful, loving, and life-giving life=sustaining than you will ever know!

I tell you now. Feel the love. Feel your worth, embrace yourself and embrace the ones who love you and know you. Through them you have access to portals of divinity. Life is but a glimpse of the illusion of separation. You are the All.

Be the All today.
Be in your step today, be in the sacredness of your being today. I love you my child, my match, my mate, my son, my father, my male. I love you.

It will be ok. Love is here for you.”
The Antarian collective
through Alessandra Gilioli