The Divine Feminine is coming back! However, she has been gone from humanity for thousands of years. We, the wayshowers, are the ones who are to bring her back. Together, for ourselves, our families and our communities. How many men that you know are suffering? How many brothers, fathers, sons are losing to the game of the ‘civilized’ life? They cannot support the lives, community structure any more. They are failing and they have lost themselves. It has been a long process for humanity to lose the power of the Divine Feminine. It started falling about 10,000 years ago. And it has gotten now to a point of extreme chaos, trauma devastation and sadness for all humans all over the planet. How to make life better for yourself, your loved ones and your community?

Fortunately you are a multidimensional being!

You are awakened and continuing in your awakening process. This means that your soul light is already 100 times stronger than the others around us who have not awakened. This means that YOU are the one, dear ancient priestess, you are the one who has already trained to be here on Earth at these magical yet challenging times! You are the one who is going to be embodying more of the Divine Feminine and you are the one who can, and will embody the Divine Feminine DRAGON. How? Do not worry. Your soul knows and she is leading you already. Together with the power of group energy healing and the new cutting edge tools of *Galactic Shamanism you will be embarking on the expansion of your dynamic multidimensional Self. And she IS the Divine Feminine Dragon!

How Patriarchal Model has Restricted the Divine Feminine Dragon within All of Us
Humanity has lived in the patriarchal mode of overworking the mind, suppressing emotions and the irrational feminine intuition. This has been the cause for much if not all illness. Understand how we have been trained to go against our own nature. In order to begin fostering a new softer, wider, more magical way of being.

Steps to Bring out the Divine Feminine Dragon
A major doorway into awakening the Divine Feminine Dragon is with energy healing. In fact, energy healing, movement and the arts are shortcuts into the world of the Divine Feminine! A lot of the Divine Feminine can come into you and a community when you alter your vibration. Art, being in one’s right side of the brain, being open emotionally are all ways to bring out the Divine Feminine. Come to this event to receive an energy download an awakening, a rekindling of that Dragon-spark that is awaiting your signal to FIRE.

Why it is important to prepare physical body for new wave ascension?
Are you always tired? Do you have brain fog? Is it harder to trust your own decisions? Are you worried for your loved ones as life gets increasingly faster, more demanding and chaotic. Why is it that the more spiritual and energy sensitive that you get the harder it is to function in 3D? We as healers are the ones who understand that we are the ones to bring back the Divine Feminine. The world needs it, our men need it, the structure of busy life needs it and our tired overworked mental-emotional-physical bodies need it. The Divine Feminine Dragon will teach us about how to manage new meridian systems in our bodies and how to respect sacred cycles in order for us to the live the live of stamina and vitality that we are meant to enjoy!

Meet the “Mother Earth Dragon of Japan” in a *Galactic Shamanic journey
In this event you will be lead on the sensational Galactic Shamanic journey! You will be traveling astrally with the alchemical crystal bowls and tribal-galactic sounds leading you to meet the spirit of the “Mother Earth Dragon of Japan”! She is a large spirit. She has been dormant in the land of Japan for thousands of years. There is a reason why you are in Japan now. DIscover more of your soul’s mission.

Be part of the *movement!


*What is a ‘movement’?
A movement is a group of people with a shared purpose who create change together. Lasting change happens when people join together and form a movement.

*What is a ‘Galactic Shamanic Journey’?
A person can go on a Galactic Shamanic journey when they are facilitated by a Galactic Shaman to astrally travel into 5D sacred temple spaces. This is one of the practices of embodying one multidimensional self. Any person can go an a Galactic Shamanic journey and does not need any previous experience.

*What is Galactic Shamanism?
For thousands of years humanity had shaman men and women to facilitated each other into the arts of enriching one’s quality of life. These practices were used to have a better, happier, smoother life on Earth. Over time traditional shamans and tribal people have lost their land and their sacred practices to the ‘civilized’ world. Humanity has lost touch with its star origins and innate super powers. The principles of Galactic Shamanism play with the different ways current humans can rekindle their star ancestry and in so doing bring magic back into their lives. Galactic Shamanism brings aspects of a human’s multidimensional soul back into being. And therefore assists one into being more soul-light into one’s body and being able to be fully present as a wayshower for others during these ascension times.

Photo by Mike Castro Demaria on Unsplash