Divine Children of the Light this is Sananda speaking to you on this glorious day of ever more shifting and changing the thought patterns that are creating your reality! Which is changing as we speak. Your reality is much larger of an illusion that what your human minds can really fully grasp. We know that you understand the idea that reality is an illusion but we also know that you don’t fully feel this. You don’t fully have this truth integrated in every part of your being. For large parts of your being are giving resistance to this notion ad therefore this resistance is holding you back from living and being your full potential.

We are here in many: masters of the light, legions of angels, higher dimensional beings, your brothers and sister, your family, higher aspects of you. We are beaming down to the planet, right now as we speak, in order to assist you in your awakening and in your re-birth. For many of you have undergone this process before- of awakening not only yourselves but entire planets’ consciousness in to a higher level of being, thinking, loving and expanding. For you are multi-planetary, multi-dimensional Starseeds! You are beings who have been in many realms at once. You are in process of calling all of your aspects together in a massive cohesive composition of ALL of yourselves in parallel realities in order to feel your greater truth while in a physical embodiment.

We are here in many in order to assist you in the baby steps of awakening. At this juncture where each step, each small step, is a grand step and is indeed celebrated in very much the same way as when a toddler takes their first step. Each step after that is greatly celebrated.  Because each step is wobbly and shaky as the reality and truth of possibility of falling down are very real palatable. Therefore each step is greatly celebrated. In this manner we are here to celebrate your coming out party! Your stepping out into the world showing and beaming your light, unapologetically!

Please know that there are millions of others! Many others are undergoing the same process as you! The problem is that in your perceptual reality you are scattered throughout the globe therefore giving you the illusion of scarcity and the illusion of non-connectedness. We are here to encourage you today to rejoice in the connections and in the possibilities of the internet and other media formats which are simply replicas of the energetic telepathic, psychic, multidimensional pathways that are in existence for you to reach out and establish contact with one another.

You are indeed creating webs of light- alighting and sparking throughout and around the planet as you so joyously connect with one another! We say today for you to enjoy and embrace these opportunities that are coming your way! Be kind and compassionate to yourselves. For when the lows occur swiftly pull yourself back up through many tools that are now available to you. One of them is to simply call out loud, or under your breath, to your many guides and angels and Masters and myself Sananda, to be of service to you. Now we can come in stronger on a larger bandwidth of golden light frequency energy that is available at this time. Therefore if you fall down do not feel that you need to fall down low for the energies are stickier now than they have ever been in this dimensional plane.

The game of duality is indeed upping its game and its getting more intense. For this reason we are saying focus on the light that is available to you, call on us your brothers and sisters! We are ever at the ready for you! Beam up your energies send them up to the galaxy. The galaxy is going through a major transformation. Everything is interconnected intimately much more than what you have acknowledged on the Earth.

We are seeing you as sparkling interweaving webs of lights! Sparks and multidimensional fire-works- it is truly a beautiful show from up here! We wish to encourage you to seize the day. For today is truly a more buoyant, powerful, glorious day riding on the waves of these higher photonic lights from the center of this Milky Way galaxy connected to the Great Grand Central Sun.

We are here in love and service to you, our colleagues and brothers and sisters. Enjoy this day! Amen