There are diamonds in your crown chakra now. They are each linked with different sacred locations on the Earth. We see Lago Puelo in Argentina, La Paz in Bolivia, we see the sea coves in Brazil, we are seeing the Macchu Picchu of Peru, we are seeing the Nascal lines, the pyramids in Mexico. Dear ones, we are seeing you wrapped in spiritual-white-spider-webs, furling around you. As you realize that streams of these lights from South America are coming to you. Speaking to you. Cleaning and cleansing your third eye, your ear- audio channels and your crown chakra.

Wear your crown chakra indeed like a crown. Allow those rows of diamonds to re-link you with the sacred places on Mother Earth. Have her tell you what she knows. For she knows the mysteries of your ancestry. She knows the call of the wild that is in your soul and the desire you have to be of heart.

Dear Ones, the time is now coming for you to be One with all nature. And here for you is nature to talk directly to you:
We are the Tree People who have come to be with you in these higher dimensional planes for you have forgotten our wisdom in the 3D plane. We are everywhere including your lungs. We are the ones to bring greater purity and vitality into your life, yet your forget our very existence. Know now that with each live Christmas tree that is within your living rooms, is a live tree that has given its Earthly existence to bring you closer to home- to your wild nature. Dear Ones, know that we the Tree People are as far and wide a Universe travelers as are you. For we live where humanoids live. We live where you live. We love you and we cherish you and we have always been around to be your guardians and your keepers. Now we need you to be our guardians too.

With each breath you take- breath in the fresh pristine air in South America, the wind that rasped along the ancient stones of Macchu Picchu, the rain that washed away the cobble stones in Argentine small towns. Feel the pulse of Mother Earth as she is alive within your cells, for you are the elements and she is too. We are all One, dear ones, we are children of the sun and daughters of the Earth. We are all here to be in union. Breath in dear ones, wherever you are breath in holographicaly and allow your cells to be re-oxygenated by the life of the sacred places on Mother Earth. You deserve to be rejuvenated, recharged and re-linked with Mother Nature wherever you are- we are with you.

May peace be in your hearts, oxygen in your cells. As you gather in greater groups this season know that we the Tree People support you and love you every way that you are.
~the Tree People from South America