Train your brain! You want to have vision quests without the hallucinogens or traveling to the Amazon for an ayuhuasca trip? You can have vision journeys. Our brain is trainable. Neuroscientists have termed ‘brain plasticity’ to say that the brain is malleable: it changes! For example, brain scans of London taxi drivers had a visual cortex 3 times larger than average person. This was because they had developed a large intricate mind-map of the complex street structures of London… in their brain! Similarly Tibetan monks have a larger amount of brain sections light up when they are in meditation. This means that they are literally bringing in more light into their brain. They have created new neural pathways.

How does this apply to you? Through simple techniques, applied daily or weekly, you can induce your brain to have visions too! Come to this experiential class as you shall be not only shown what to do to get visions, but you shall be induced into an altered state of consciousness through group meditation and crystal singing bowl tones.

Why are visions important? In this hectic daily life our brain is in a constant adrenal driven ‘fight or flight’ state. Vision quests and meditation induce the brain to activate the theta brain waves which is the state in which one can access deep peace and higher guidance. Theta brain states are proven to bring a person greater clarity and sense of purpose in life leading one to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Take your brain to a whole new level!

WHEN: Saturday August 29th at 3:00-5:00pm


WHERE: “On the Rocks Chicago” 


Intro class to the “Train Your Brain: Level 1”  4-class series.