Workshop 1: Saturday December 9th

Title: Arcturians: Expanded Consciousness

  • Artificial Intelligence & Spirituality
  • Evolution of humanity
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Structure of our thoughts
  • How to de-program old belief systems
  • Understanding our Mind-field
  • Understanding Unity Consciousness
  • Linking to Multidimensional-Selves
  • How technology affects consciousness
  • Galactic Shamanic journey to a 5D Starship!


If you want cutting edge spiritual technology then come to this workshop! The Arcturians are the master healers of the galaxy. We humans are on the brink of a great step into our evolution of consciousness. The Arcturians are coming to us now through our dreamtime, and through altered brain states to teach us how to access our greater human potential. Whether you are a healer or a person who wants to explore the outer edges of human possibility this is the workshop to take you over the brink of your brilliance!

“Nuam Ark” the Arcturian Star Commander will take you on a thrilling galactic shamanic journey to her fifth dimensional star ship. Here you will learn how to access specific healing codes and you will learn how to take your clients. This modality accelerates all kinds of healing and allows you explore more. Here you can get stronger access and connection with your guides, angels and ascended masters.

Goal of the Workshop

What is the root of your blocks in life? What issues are holding your clients back from being happy and fulfilled? Mind programs! In this current busy life we are living in a pool of many people’s thought-fields including our own. How many of these thoughts are positive mind-maps? The Arcturians are galactic professionals who train us in how to maximize our own brain power. In order, to do that we are to learn how to de-program ourselves from cultural constraints. “Nuam Ark” will show us easy-to-use tools to break old mind programs and create new mind-maps that support a greater way of living. Learn meditation techniques that support the creation of new neural mapping in your brain. Literally create new pathways of light in your brain, supporting higher consciousness!


 This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Arcturian Galactic Master Guide called Nuam-Ark
  2. How to use Nuam-Ark’s Arcturian healing tools for the accelerated healing of clients
  3. Take people to Nuam Ark’s 5D Arcturian Starship
  4. Arcturian tools to enhance telepathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient abilities
  5. How to work with Arcturian 5D healing chambers
  6. Continue developing this work on your own