Workshop 2: Sunday December 10

Title: Antarians: Cosmic Soul Cycles

  • Cosmic Soul Cycles
  • Sacred Geometry in our light-bodies
  • New Ascension codes
  • Remembering lost galactic-human history
  • How to become more pure & clear
  • Inner Child and the Galactic Self
  • Shedding layers from past lives on other planets
  • Higher dimensional soul cycles & Earth cycles
  • New personal power discovered in vulnerability
  • Galactic Shamanic Journey to the 6D  Antarian Temple of Artemiscia

Outline :

You are emerging as the new human! This means that you and your clients are preparing to end a great soul cycle. The Antarians are here to assist you in your new birthing. You are completing a very large, and long cosmic soul cycle. True human history has been lost and suppressed for a very long time. This workshop is about unveiling the true lost history of humanity and the true identity of your soul. As an ancient being you are now in process of reclaiming your power, your purity and your divinity.  In order to move forward you need to get to the root of your soul essence in relationship to your Earth life cycles. The Antarians are here to support you in this transformation!

The pathway of the Inner Child is the doorway out into a greater soul cycle. This means that you are to learn how to purify your heart, your emotions and thoughts from all lives on Earth and other 3D planets. The Antarian Uralali is here to introduce to you profound ways to dive into your Inner Child’s pure light. Your life and your client’s life can be filled with thrilling and exhilarating new experiences. The Temple of Artemiscia is about releasing deep pains from old cosmic cycles in order to pave way for the new higher cycle you are preparing for.

Goal of this workshop:

Access your powers and talents from previous soul cycles so that you can experience telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience and more super-powers in your life now! The Antarians are helping us shift out of the warrior-archetype and into the sense of adventure of the prodigious child of the Universe! Bring unexpected joy, lightness and divine light into your life now!

This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Antarian Galactic Master Guide called Uralali
  2. How to use Uralali’s Antarian ascension healing tools for clients
  3. How to work with the Inner Child archetype for deeper levels of purity
  4. Take people to Uralali’s 6D Antarian Temple of healing Cosmic Soul Cycles
  5. How to work with Antarian gateway technologies for profound soul work
  6. Continue developing this work on your