Workshop 4: Sunday December 17

Title: Andromedans: Evolution of Our Galaxy Evolution of Us

  • Galactic Shamanic journey to 7 D Andromedan crystal gardens
  • Shifting into higher consciousness
  • Unifying all Star Nations
  • Integrating Multidimensional Aspects
  • Becoming a Galactic Healer
  • Evolution of our Galaxy
  • Consciousness of planets
  • Father-Priest archetypal healing system

Outline :

As a master healer you are always growing and expanding in your abilities to heal others and teach others. Even if you are just beginning to be a healer and teacher you are here to be a resource to many people on the topics of galactic healing, planetary healing and the evolution of all beings. There are many beings in this and other galaxies. There are ascended masters, galactic master guides, crystal beings, totem animal spirits, archangels and many more beings.  Human souls come from many of these kingdoms. We are here gathering resources and information of our parallel selves and multidimensional selves so that we may go back into being the Greater Soul Beings that we are.

The Andromedan Master Ossaion is here to be the father organizer of all of these frequencies, guides, masters and galaxies that we are gathering together within ourselves, our clients, our planet and our galaxy. This workshop is about gathering the rich and varied resources, abilities talents and gifts that we all have and to bring them together as one Cosmic Team. This is the ultimate workshop for the gathering of the Multi-Dimensional Self.

Our galaxy is evolving and we are assisting her in this new consciousness birthing. We are being gathered together as planetary healers and healers of this galaxy. We are here to unify all of our individual strengths. In order to do this we must bring in the power and organization of the Father archetype. This workshop is for healers and clients who are ready to mature from child hood issues, adult abuse and other deep pain blocks that have been holding them back. This is the birthing of the responsible, authoritarian self. Ossaion from Andromeda brings in the force of the healing father, the organizing force of one-ness, no judgement, all compassion and understanding for the ultimate healing. Ossaion brings in the healing of the balanced, giving, authorative kind Male energy that is required at this time on planet Earth.

 This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Andromedan Galactic Master Guide called Ossaion
  2. How to use Ossaion’s healing tools for personal and planetary healing
  3. Take people to Ossaion’s 7D Andromedan Crystal Gardens
  4. How to work with the Divine Masculine Father archetype
  5. How to work with Andromedan 7D healing chambers
  6. Continue developing this work on your own


Things to bring this day:

Wear comfortable clothes and bottled water. Bring clear quartz crystals to wear of in your pockets to enhance your psychic experience. The crystals that you bring will be encoded and will be receiving and holding for your the7D Andromedan activation. Note pad to take notes.