This ten minute video and energy healing is a very important and special tool. It can be used to strengthen our aura in preparation for the Aldebaran Crystal Codes webinar. In this 10 min healing we will be receiving:

  • Balancing of all 12 chakras
  • Strengthening of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies
  • Installation of auric psychic protection shield & filter
  • Blessing transmission direct from the crystal planet of Aldebaran
  • The focus is for our physical bodies to transmute into crystalline bodies and to feel energized
  • This video can be used once a day to build more energetic and spiritual stamina

By attending the webinar you will be the first people on Earth receiving this new, updated energy coming especially to Earth now from unique places all over the Universes. No one on Earth is offering this kind of frequency at this time. Earth and humanity are in a deep process of remembering who we really are and how we relate to the greater Universe around us. Aldebaran Codes are part of the many ingredients that make Earth and humans special. While the upcoming download of Aldebaran energies are for everyone on Earth unfortunately many people are not awakened enough to receive this. Therefore, it is important work for those of us who are answering the call of Aldebaran. We can feel it in our hearts and in our soul that this very special, kind, loving sparkly energy is coming for us and that we are the ones who are choosing to receiving this energy, hold it and anchor it within our light bodies. We are the way showers, Dynavision clients are paving the way so that these exquisite frequencies will then be available on Earth for the next wave of way showers after us. We are building a community of light. This Aldebaran frequency is to support all light-work, all starseeds, all energy work.

In the webinar we will be:

  • Receiving unique, never before shared on Earth, Aldebaran Crystal Codes
  • Learning about the frequency of Aldebaran and how it relates to Japan
  • Have Aldebaran crystal frequency interface with our lightbody
  • Receive ascension upgrades, updates and downloads so that your soul can maximize being on Earth now
  • Assistance from the Aldebaran Crystal Galactic Masters to absorb and retain these new frequencies
  • Understand better our real as healers forming the New Earth
  • What are energy shortcuts and how we can accelerate healing
  • The frequency ray of Aldebaran will be assisting us in absorbing bigger, better, faster Universal light