The Biofield and Brain connection

1 day workshop. Chicago, Online. March 6th Saturday 2021

The Brain is the powerhouse behind the nerves throughout our body.
Our nerves extend from everywhere within our bodies all the way out to the nerve endings in our skin. Our skin is our biggest organ. Extending from our skin are small electromagnetic field picked up by EEG machines and other sensitive devices. Science is now finding that these electrical pulses comprise an electromagnetic field extending beyond our physical body.


  • Energy healing fits under BioField
  • Therapies
Conventional Medicine is reductionist.
  • Chemical based.
Biofield advocates for incorporating Quantum Physics into Biology.
Electromagnetic field theory of physics


  • “Every living cell membrane has an electric field of very high intensity (around 10₇ V/m) though rather low voltage.. One of the basic features of life.” (Article evidence of biofield Philosophical insight modern science, 2009, Nova Science by Jernan et al.)

  • In neuroscience, physiology. An action potential occurs when the membrane potential of a specific cell location rapidly rises and falls

  • The charge in electrical potential is associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell.

Sodium and Potassium. More sodium outside of the cell. More potassium in the cell. Sodium-potassium pump. Voltage-gated-ion channels.
  • Electrolytes carry electrical charge

  • Membrane signals cell. Brain of the cell. Bruce Lipton.
Membrane electrical charge.
  • Membrane like our skin. Bruce Lipton.

  • Nerve impulse= action potential= electrical currents coursing through us.