2 Day Workshop


  • Sensational Tribal-Galactic Light Language activations
  • Arcturian Alchemical Sound healing: crystal bowls, idiopan, sacred shaman drum
  • Unplug from daily life and slip into transformative Theta brain states
  • Galactic shamanic journeys to 9D Temples
  • Anchor in imune-support, meridian recharge and physical, mental, emotional revamp
  • Super-boost to launch into your dream life now!
  • Messages from: Arcturians, Lady Venus, Goddess Isis & Grandmother Whales


  • How to ACTIVATE and Sustain your LIGHTBODY
  • Accessing SOUL GIFTS
  • Tools for ACCELERATED Personal Healing
  • Practical tools to bring 5D into your daily life
  • Understanding your role in Team Ascension
  • Applying Soul Psychology to release deep mental-emotional blocks
  • Breaking free from cultural mind-programming
  • Australia’s Key Role in Planetary Ascension
  • Advancing your impact as PLANETARY HEALER
  • Creating deeper community
  • Planetary Cities of Light to create new light grids on Mother Earth
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Biorelativity- the way to communicate to the Spirit of Mother Earth

COSMIC WHALE GRANDMOTHERS Coming to us now as the portals of Earth are finally opening to new highest dimensional frequencies. The Whale Grandmothers come to us from another Universe; Mother Universe. And are attracted to a specific portal in Inner Earth opening between Sydney and New Zealand. The Whale Grandmothers are harbingers of change. They are coming to support the shift in energy in order to support the Aboriginal people of Australia. The Aboriginal people of Australia have been safe keeping very ancient energy codes for humanity. It is time that they receive support: financial, political, justice, geographical and spirituo-energetic. The Whale Grandmothers are here to see to it that this unfolds. For the betterment of all humanity.

EMERGING GALACTIC HUMAN As an emerging galactic human you are in process of deep changes. Your auric field and physical bodies under extreme pressures, stress and toxic attack while also receiving never-before experienced streams of light from the galactic center. It is imperative at this time that you learn tools to protect and filter your emerging greater abilities. Amid the chaos rise the warriors of light who are here to put to use thousands of past-parallel life skills in order to lead the way for the New Humanity.

In this workshop you will be learning skills to give you greater clarity, drive and energy in your daily life so that you can accomplish your goals with greater ease and efficiency. You are to be master of your 3D reality, to be the best human you can be while at the same time juggling your secret identity as Master Healer and Planetary Healer!  There is a greater mission that you are part of and we are here to be One Galactic Human Tribe together. We are in a phase of great planetary movement.

AUSTRALIA: BEACON OF LIGHT Australia is a beacon of light that is holding an anchor of ancient tribal traditions linked very powerfully to the stars. Australia is the true anchor -hold of understanding our beginnings. There is a frequency in Australia that needs to be honored an understood and cherished.  The Australian people are heralds of the emerging human. Australia is to be listened to by an energetic standpoint. Australian consciousness is to be built as a sacred power-house.  It is the Cradle of Life. Australian voices are to be heard. There is a great movement underway and Australia has a great role in bringing back on line the keys to the Ascension.

Channeling Galactic Masters

ARCTURIANS ON EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS The Arcturian Master ‘Nuam Ark’ brings in new information often in original and exciting ways. She discusses the technology of expanded consciousness. The Arcturians are phenomenal at bringing it pertinent new perspectives.

LADY VENUS BRINGS LOVE OF THE PLANET Lady Venus often surprises us with the delightful humor of the fairies!

GODDESS ISIS: LIGHTBODY ACTIVATOR Goddess Isis pushes the limits of our body-sense bringing in thrilling frequencies that are both provocative and sacred. She feels deeply that our bodies are the mirror to the Universe and wishes to help you experience that.  Often Goddess Isis brings in unusual body circuitry activations where you feel the pulsations of your lightbody.


Meet Your Facilitators


“The Center” 14 Frances Street, Randwick, NSW 2031, Australia

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11, 2018. Starts 9am-5pm

Ticket: $440 AUD

 Things to bring:

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring bottled water. Bring clear quartz crystals to wear of in your pockets to enhance your psychic experience. The crystals that you bring will be encoded by the Arcturian, Venusian, Cosmic Grandmother Whale and Isis activations. Note pad to take notes. Digital recorder to record the alchemical sound transmissions.

Private Sessions Available!