A Star Being is a being of the light whom resides in the Highest of Realms including the 5th Dimension and beyond.  Star Beings of the 5D are Ascended Masters and are here on the earthly plane to assist us in obtaining our mastery. In many cases this is more an issue of remembering rather than learning.

They may call a star system or other galaxy their home. In many ways Star Beings are like angels, and may in fact, in previous civilizations on earth, been interpreted as angels. However, angels are a separate group with a specific energy frequency signature and do come from the angelic kingdom and not a star.

Our Milky Way galaxy is home to as many as 6,000 star systems- each rich with their own civilizations!  Of these thousands of galactic civilizations roughly 200 may be 3rd dimensional earth-like planets. This means that some star-beings are 3 dimensional, or 4th dimensional and may still be learning the challenges of duality.

When people seek to contact a Star Being they generally are seeking for higher teachings and guidance and ask for a 5 dimensional being or higher.

Star Beings have been interacting with earthlings for millenia. My favorite example are the Hathors, star beings whom reside on Venus but are from a distant Galaxy! They are known to us as the Goddess Hathor in Ancient Egypt whom was often resembled as a very tall golden woman with large eyes and elfin or cow-like ears. They were so tall in fact that the Ancient Egyptians commonly decorated their temple columns with Hathor heads at the top! To this day many of us seerers see the Hathors as tall golden columns of light with special elfin ears jutting out and a gentle warm smile on their shining faces.