I don’t know why she was trapped in that stone. The Pink Fairy. Or why I was trapped in my body. All I know is that I had this overwhelming desire to free her. Free the Fairy! She belongs to us: the Earth ecosystem! Go away monsters, ya can’t have her!

I am standing on the remote island of Eday, north of Scotland. 2 km long and home to 162 residents, counting the sheep. Here thousands of years ago ancient humans decided to erect a giant monolithic stone. Who, what and why we don’t really know. But locals do say that the standing stones get up and walk at night. Never is a human to see this else he or she shall die. 

I hope I died, I thought.

I want to die to my imprisoning mind. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t want to be me anymore.

The standing stone stood tall and mysterious. She did not look happy at first. She looked . . . trapped. It felt like a giant spirit here was very unhappy. That she had been brought into existence for a mystical purpose but that somewhere along the way she was usurped and diverted from her sacred initial purpose. Vikings, maybe? It’s always the invaders’ fault. Blame it on them. They are the ones who came here thousands of years later and claimed these ancient stones for themselves.

Her sad look puzzled me. I had traveled 3 airplanes, one smelly old man taxi and a 3 hour boat ride to get to her. I had expected more . . . grandeur? More . . . pizazz? Might. Gallantness. Power. Ta-da-ness? I looked at her and she felt the same as I did. I had been puzzled, deeply, by the challenges of my life. Trapped in a body that didn’t work and finding out it’s all my mind’s fault. Problem was the imprisoner was myself. I need a new religion. This self-blame is getting boring.

I looked up to the monolith and the large fairy spirit inside and felt… love: a deep love welling within me. I wanted to comfort her. For whatever maddening, infuriating, unjust journey she had been on. People colonizing and conquering our minds and bodies. Why? Does anyone ever win at that game? Is everyone happy with that formula?

I wanted to hug her.

I stepped closer and slowly, very slowly reached out my hands to her. The giant broken stone.
The instant my fingertips touched the stone my heart blasted open and in unison the stone and I shot out into a shower of hot pink firelights! Ta-daaaaaa!!!

Immense relief, a deep breath. Sigh. I look back up at the stone and it is shining! Smiling at me. I see a flash of a brilliant, beautiful woman-face. A large wise-young fairy looking at me.

We are One. One people, one Earth ecosystem.

A multitude of cultures, races, and beliefs yet, we are One People.
I stepped away from the Hot Pink Fairy Stone. And I saw that she rolled out a pink carpet for me. From her heart to mine. And I could feel that I was never really going to be alone again. Ever. All over the cosmos I have family and friends. We might be so very different on the surface yet so bonded and similar on the inside.

I hope you blast through your own prisons and bask in the light of your own sun. And if you don’t feel that yet then go visit our sister-friend the Hot Pink Fairy. She is open to visits now. 😉