Come Dear One, we have missed you. We have been connecting with you but you could not hear us. We are your Soul Family. We are in many. We area a loving group that has encompassed each other from the beginning of time. We are one with you but you feel and suffer under the illusion of separation. We come to you in dreams, visions, flashes, songs, thoughts and love currents around you all the time. Open up your heart to me, to us. We are here for you. We hold you dear. We cherish you. We hold you in our heart and we know that you are the most magnificent being there ever was. You have accomplished incredible feats, you have been in amazing worlds and you are now, in this world of many unknowns, the biggest one being that you do not know who you are. But we do. We see you. We SEE you. All of you. Can you allow us in to show you the reflection of who you are?

You are all masters! We are your brothers and sisters and we are coming now to get you with us. Open your arms and receive this loving love blast of golden light blanketed around you. You are precious for reasons unknown to you but we know you and we know you well.

Brace yourselves for the unconditional love is here to protect you from barrages of energies that may be too hard to understand and yet they are. There is no judgment in our realms, we are here to support you in your endeavors. Please carry on in the light as you are, and please do not feel alone. See your Soul Family in the ones who support you and love you back. There are deep connections that you have made and fostered on a soul level. These are your soul family connections, people you meet and immediately recognize and immediately love. They love you back. Seek these bonds and foster them farther for now is the time for the Soul Family reunion. These bonds are forging great webs of interconnectedness that is much needed on the planet at this time.

You are the Master Weavers, the code makers and code-breakers. Through your love of one another you shall see who you really are. The fostering of these loves, the feeding of your soul on a fiber-based level is what you are to be doing at this time. It shall bring you strength, strength to do what you are here to do. This is no ordinary life you are living. This is a culmination life. And for many of you it is not only the coming together of all earthly lives but the collection of all lives in this galaxy… and some others. Yes the time is a nodule in the time space continuum of the entire universe, a meeting point of all meeting points, a pinprick in time connecting all times.

What happens next in your great adventure? Where will you go? What will your soul be doing? You are a Master Soul you have been, done, seen EVERYTHING. You are in training to train others… You are the light that you have been waiting for and now is the time to shed the barriers of self-defeat. Now is the time to love endlessly unconditionally and including of the Self. We are here in the many, your long lost connections of deep deep soul family love. Love on all levels. We are with you, dear child, master, mother, father, teacher and light bearer… We are one in unified purpose to bring freedom, love, light and equal opportunity to all beings there ever were. We are equalizing the vibrations of the Universe to bring it all UP to another level of experience while maintaining a certain appreciation for all states of being. A paradox if you will.

We are with you. Feel the presence of your deepest desired love your most fulfilling lover, your most loving mother, your most supportive father, your best friend, your kindest sister… we are all here. We know you better than you know yourself. Feel us, visit us, reconnect with us. Be creative, the times is ripe now for you to exercise your creative freedom, your star-given powers… use them! Expand multidimensionaly, call on us, call on your earthly loves and intersect, interconnect and share the light! You are the ones creating the light grids!!! Aho!!

~Love from your Soul Family