Beyond the avenues by which you wish to talk or converse are a myriad of ways for me to transfer information to you. One of these such ways is via your temporal lobe for when you are so visually engaged your are ticking to the beat of another drum and your thoughts fire in different pathways working with receiving energies in an entirely different way than from your norma. And that which you wish to process is not of the norm is it?

Beyond the vestiges of normal reality run prized bits of information none of you know yet you do know and it is buried so deep that u think u never knew the realities of which the universe consists and within this your souls origin and prime creator. For love of all things is the main fabric of life made of. And forever more shall it be so.

Our love of you continues and grows stronger as in your perceptual awareness we are now on the map. Within your field of vision. A reality within your realities band so by nature of this closeness we wish to impart with you encodements of the nature of reality ad the nature of your creation in accordance with your myths and out of your myth.