Greetings dear ones we are of what you have understood to be the reptilian ones. However we are not all one race, nor are we all one people, we are a little humanoid in shape too within our reptilianness, shape and form we also stand on two limbs and have two appendages, such as arms like you do. We are reptoid however also in that in our chosen physical form or representation we resonate most with that species category that you have named the reptiles on your planet. For indeed reptiles are the oldest physical forms and wisest on your planet. We do not come from a specific planet or planetary system for we have by now inhabited a plethora of planetary systems and dimensional grids.

We are scary to you because one small faction of ours has decided to meddle, control and increase influence in your sphere. Please know that like all things in this universe there are many sides to the story. Many perspectives and one day you may come to understand and have compassion for the misguided ‘evil’ (in your experience, rightfully so) reptilians. But as we do not have a better name to grasp within your language we too shall call what you understand to be the Reptilian Race that. However we are here in group consciousness to tell you of the others, whom are much more and much more open, heartfelt and guides even to you than what you would have thought.

As an archetype in your current psychology/self help language, the archetype that we reptilians represent is that of dealing, reconciling with fear. We have been seen or interpreted as cold blooded, linear, base, low, cold and calculating. While these are some of our traits, especially in comparison to your hot headedness, we have others which are more sophisticated and up until now less heard of, if heard of at all. These traits have to do with the ability of our bodies in their etheric and physical form, to sync in with the planetary body in a very electrical way, of synchronizing currents, our own body heat need not be as self generative as yours is because we link in with the biorhythms of the planetary body. As such we are highly in tune with the electro-magnetic currents flowing in and around the surface and interior of the planet and for this reason we are highly adaptable to living within a planet. Something that your body is not yet adapted to and may in fact not be part of the design at least at present.

We are deliberately slow in our movements, or can be, as we are listening to a cacophony of physical currents both from the planet we are on and from current streams from other planets. We are highly adept at synchronizations between these electrical currents of energies, such as fine tuning and refining and morphing within your light bodies into your electrical nerve bodies in your human form. It is quite remarkable and it is one of the gifts that our DNA has gifted your ancestry.

Our collective group the hybrids of humanity are here with you now to extend our heart to you, our brothers and sisters. For some of you are awakening and we are here to tell you more of whom you are and here to help in furthering your awakening. You have a rich history and we wish you to be freed of the implications and oppression herein in the current system of things on the Earth plane.

We are interdimensional travelers. We travel through time and space. We have had to fight and protect ourselves and others from the control and manipulation of the ‘bad’ reptilian nations. Yes there are many and they are organized and sophisticated this is also why we are here, to cherish and protect our own, our seedlings, our hybdridization program of long ago. We wish to see you free dear humans we wish to see you happy, joyous and fulfilled and we wish to see you gaining greater feats than what we can do, for there is much hope for your capabilities which are yet to come.