Friday, July 26, 2019 at 7-9pm
2500 W. Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60625-3026
~We are igniting a frequency revolution!
~Use your superpowers! In a GROUP ENERGY EXPERIENCE
~Question your reality so you can start creating a new one
~Unblock perfectionism & anxiety to access your greater soul gifts
~What is your secret soul identity?
~Galactic Shamanism through MOVEMENT!

We are multidimensional creatures who are just now re-accessing our innate star-super-powers. Torrents of new energy resources are propelling towards from new stargates. Do you know how to maximize this? It is time for us to reunite with our fellow Cosmic Tribe members we are entering the age of collaboration and team.

As the Earth continues her unique cycle within the cosmos dancing within the photonic belt us-humans are experiencing and increasing rate of anxiety, depression and perfectionism. Life is speeding up, within and without, and we can at times feel submerged in commitments and expectations. Some things simply don’t fit any more. It is your Greater Soul Self which is slowly entering your human-body-shell in a never before unprecedented way. You are in process of increasing your light quotient, and your emotional intelligence quotient, into your soul being. There is a LOT that you are accomplishing behind the scenes within your subconscious, supra-conscious and astral self.


We are creating a sacred space for you to stop and ponder the New You that your soul has been busily creating for you. Become a conscious creator of your new reality. In so doing you will then embody farther your ability to be on the Way Shower Team. We need you.

It is not easy to birth a new humanity and yet we are doing exactly that. Your soul has amassed great powers and abilities through time space and realities. It is time to gather all of these and come together as one greater being that you are. In order to accomplish this we need to see ourselves in a new light. The only way to create a new world is through being your New Self. A higher, more expanded multidimensional self.

~Discussion on how to re-create a new life via forming a new greater soul identity
~Info on the Galactic Shamanic principles of the New Earth: how current Earth changes, such as galactic astrology affects your current state of being
~2 Mind-blowing shamanic journey experiences! Experience star-fairy spirits first hand. Receive crystalline liquid codes directly through your pineal gland!
~Learn about the upshifts occurring to your lightbody
~Soul alchemy through crystal harp, large shaman drum and fairy-tribal vocalizations
~Transformation group-energy healing transmission
~Come as you are, leave as a New Earth Elder
~Access the outer limits of your human potential through altered states of consciousness
~Feel the innate magic within your Divine self and know that you are connected deeply to your soul purpose
~Infuse, energize, enhance your extra-sensory abilities (clairevoyance, claireaudience, clairecognisance)
~12 chakra activation and galactic higher heart opening
~Be in a space where you witness your multidimensional soul self
Only $10!!

Alessandra wrote and illustrated the galactic oracle which is selling in over 30 countries and has been translated into four languages. She has been trained in Galactic Shamanism in the Andes mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Mt Fuji in Japan. She rekindles the lost ancient tribal wisdom through her connection with star-fairy-queen spirits, galactic crystal portals and Earth sacred sites. As a priestess of the stars she is here to ignite you on your path as New Earth Elder working together to fire up this