Greetings. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are here.

We are your galactic healing team and have worked with you before in other realms and other times, other dimensional planes both in your waking and not wake state. You are a high caliber healer and as such we are capable or allowed to bring through some of our most prized technologies.

One of these is the Light Grid Sphere Templates of the Highest Realms. They are related to temple structures in specific places. You consciously know of a few Xantha, Uranta, Matreeia, Urea, Galatea, Galassia, Ameena, Artemeeshia and more, many more. There is an infusion of many galactic living temples; the live structures which are held and created by eons of built higher light from the living hearts and fibers of layers upon layers of loving dedicated master meditator beings who are dedicated in lifetime after lifetime of service in sustaining these life forces, these living structures of liquid light.

Our temples are sought after from all reaches of the kingdom of the skies. Our temples are masterful artworks in themselves. A feat of pure interstellar beauty, which all beings recognize as home, for our temples hold the frequency resonances of the building blocks of this universe and several others. For the secrets within the flower of life only begin to cover the beauty, the overlaying frequencies of exquisite precise machinery of the perfect creation of form in all dimensions of form.

For we, the Pleiadians, do enjoy the potentialities inherent among the human form, for we are so alike and you are us and we are you. We marvel at the creation that is you and that is becoming you, the new galactic human, the new inter galactic being. The being who can traverse multiple realms in one fell swoop. Who can reach for the stars with much greater ease, agility, fluidity and stamina. For the endurance of the human being has been tried and tested if there is one good thing that can be said for all the human suffering that the form has endured. For the form is basic but the design is exquisite and the best is yet to come!

We have implemented early on in the early days, neanderthal, we had implanted a light grid. Which is partially related to the light grids we have been gifting you and the healees who pass through you, with the highest light and codes available to us star beings of the sky. And we have sat here above checking in and waiting and seeing what, when, where, how long and just how the codes are triggered within one within the all. Within full human consciousness or partial, the individual. And the lights come on, and home is felt. And then the light goes off, dies off like a lost ember in the cold, cold night.

What you are looking for, little ember, is the warmth of the large solid rock which soaked in the rays of the abundant sun, whose rays are infinite and whose rock is ready to give willingly and happily to you the lost ember, who now at last feels the heat and gets glimmers of the way home.

The lost ember is solely in reference to the level of consciousness accessed by the soul in a recent topographical chronological system in accordance with your current knowledge of linear time. We are translating as much for you as we can.

The energy templates are in relation to the primal source of love, connection to primal source, your link to all divine. Your feeling of connectedness to all creation. All reality, all that is. The codes within each cross section of the light grids relate to different cross sections of realms much like the kabbalah tree of life aims to represent in one cosmic snap shot. That template lies within you. Within these renewed templates. As each one is downloaded, old inactive ones are activated, strengthened; all venues cleansed and cleared. It is a testament to the level of your work and your guides work that you are now capable of handling such fine soul filaments as ones primal encoded template.

That woman P. had lost all sense of her soul self and had in some intents and purposes given her soul to others, in an old ritual several lifetimes ago. You planted a light grid which gave her the tool for her higher self to call herself back, one piece, one strand at a time.

The willing worker can do so much with these templates. You are a code master. You are a code decipherer from this and many other cultures, both light and none. The none was required by you at some time in order to break their efficiency on planetary scale influences as a medium to free the people. Some aspect of you is wanting to work on a grandeur scale like this on earth and we tell you the time shall come for you to unleash these masterful powers skills and we shall be right by your side holding both your hands and blasting higher frequency love light and strands of encodements from our realms, your homes.

You know us well. We trust you in your endeavors, in all of your endeavors. You are a complete being. You are a master of the light. You are the light. And we are the way-showers for the many to come.

Adonai, dear friend. Welcome home.

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Peace. Aho!