About 10,000 years ago in the high misty mountains of Peru…

I looked down at my people. Yet these were not my people. These were raw Earthlings: a sad, searching people. They looked dormant, not alive. They looked so different from my family of the stars. Yet oddly the same.

We came down in our starship-home: a brilliant life-being who knows us and secures the space that we need. We are it and it is us. We are still in a humanoid form. It is a fairly known form in this part of the galaxy with many variations on the model and design. I for one am a cat-being humanoid from the Pleiadian “7 Sister Stars” the star Era.

We have come down to Earth in order to monitor and assist in the flowering of consciousness of this young people. When we first came here the people were solely surviving on limited food sources as though the design of their being did not fit their environment. The malnutrition arose a violence within them that seemed to startle them too, as though they were confused by their own nature.

When we first got here we set to talk with them but they would not let us. They cowered on their knees and bowed their heads on the ground fearful of looking us in the eye. They offered us their precious picked herbs and pointed to the top of the hill sustained by carefully layered rocks. Only from the top of this mountain, steep and tall as it was, would they gather around and listen to us. As though protected by the inclination of their land and the distance of the height we were placed at. They inclined their heads far back and looked expectantly upon us.

I was Ziara the leader of our mission. I stood at the front of the cliff looking down at these expectant faces. My Pleiadian Eran team flanked me. In Unity Consciousness we all felt the same: unexpected sorrow and potent love. We were thrown off kilter. The depth of the devastation in these people’s eyes was mesmerizing. It drew us in. These many eyes were searching for who they were. Involuntarily we began pouring our beingness into this crowd of thousands.

Unexpectedly, an opening occurred within my heart blasting out pure white light. A tsunami of other-dimensional radiance shone sparking new lights within the thousands. They gasped, their eyes widened as though they remembered their home. Their faces brightened as they smiled for the first time. Their arms raised as though they were soaking in the very sun. Their home sun.

That was the irrevocable mistake.

We gave them something they needed. They took it. It changed them.

We performed an intervention.

From the mountain top of Ollaytambo, Peru for thousands of years the people would gather at the steps waiting to soak in the Golden Light from the Star Era of the Pleiadies. In order to replicate what occurred they would, for generations, search for gold and layer it on monolithic slabs calculating the alignment of the Sun to refract a blast off the gold and bring the light of the Pleiadies back into their hearts.

We came back on a regular bases at star-aligned intervals to feed the people the essence of the stars. To remind them of home. We taught them how to hunt, how to seed, how to grow and how to save the seeds in winter to be used in the non-rain seasons. We showed them how to make use of their Mother Nature, so similar to ours, and how to honor the life within all. These were my little brothers and sisters who had fallen and been stamped on and had lost who they were. How they were like us they did not know but they felt a kinship.

My only wish was to help. But I helped too much and they became dependent on my heart-light blast. I was not alone I had been operating with my home star team the “Era to Earth” mission and therefore all of us stayed back. At first we could enable the use of our ameba ship and go back and forth to our home planet… but as time progressed we became more like the Earthlings and we began to forget…

We did not leave our people. We stayed until we would be able to, one day, assist in a mass exodus: the ascencion of the masses. The exiting of this reality and up-shift into a higher reality. The ascension has been a long work in progress. .. May we remember the totality of who we are. And feel that we deserve to be back with the One again.