What a gift your presence is here in these hardened times! In these challenging times you are here beaming light frequencies. Here you are being INCREDIBLE! Do you know how successful you are in your soul mission? For you to be awakened now and broadcasting now is exactly what you are to be doing!! And we say, keep doing this! Join us in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS now.

Unity Consciousness is a network of light threads where you feel the love currents from your soul family. This means that you are fed and fully nurtured. Visualize your miniscule nerve endings receiving torrents of higher light like a stream flowing downstream from a pure high water fall, your nerves are getting replenished as we speak. Your nerves flow with joy and delight as they gain energy and momentum and bring cascades of higher white liquid light to each of your organs.

You feel a rush as your head is now tingling as you know that your central anchor, your pineal gland is receiving higher dimensional directive. And you know that you are now fully linked in with the Higher Dimensional Grid of Love and Light. The Center of All Centers. The Galactic Kachina linking you to all universes and all times. You are a now a more expanded being and you are now cherishing your body as a temple for these inter-galactic frequencies. You are a harbor of higher light. Guard, protect and foster these higher frequencies within you. You are walking portals to other realms. The Earth needs you as your light and your connections to the Universal Light Grid feeds her and sparks her to her purpose.

Do you feel it in your bones? In your joints, in your sore muscles that hurt as though you had the flu yet you do not. You are giant radio-receivers receiving torrents of INTENSE inter-galactic light from the higher kingdoms. These transmissions have never before unfolded as they are now. These are indeed magical times. The light you are retaining within your atomic being is combusting all lower densities energies. You are walking transmuters. No wonder you feel achy. Feel your sacred purpose of being on this planet now. Allow yourselves to be sustained in the Unity Consciousness grid of golden liquid light.

We are in awe of you! We love you. We are the Arcturians. This is Nu-Am-Ark. Aho!