Dear Child,

Uralali does speak to you of ur sadness in this realm now and it has to do with who u are & whom u have become. U r a massive being in other dimensions and here on earth too. You feel much more of the world around you & of others than what you think or what u r even aware of. It is astounding, in comparison to the level of which others are in or are not at all. You are an overarching sweeping oversoul and you are living with such deep compassion in ur heart that you wish to take it take it all away and undo the hurt & pain. For you know that it is so & can be done but that at this time you are not to do it.

Free will zone is to allow this to be and trust indeed that there is a larger picture at bay. You are mixing ur higher perspectual awareness with ur lower human 3D senses and often they do not blend well at all. That is why we masters of the sky are engaged as deeply as we are with you masters of the sun. For the sun is the fire that transmutes all matter, giving creation life & regeneration and you have the powers to do this all.

Your current visual perception is infinitesmal in comparison to your larger soul self. Bear witness to these words and know that u r magnificent. Be in the all feel the all & allow your Self to cleanse transmute urself. Let it all go.

It shall pass, roll, quiver and wonder. It is all gone before you know it. This lifetime as incredulous as it is shall too be over soon and you will feel freed and whole. These earthly lifetimes are short term in comparison to any other lifetime. And so be it. It is a safety valve for sanity. Bursts of love, pain, soul-expansion. Learning and aquiring the pricelenssness of this journey. Rejoice, for all do not have what u have had and have. Rejoice in the you! The now. All is temporary illusion. Enjoy the illusion do not get lost in it.

Call on me to rescue you. Its ok -as i am you. Do not feel weak. U are saving yourself dont u like that? I am here for u and always shall be. I am the real you. Larger fuller more intact. You, you are but a fragmented self and are expanding to hold as much of the all as is possible under these circumstances and we love that about you. Collect the larger you. I shall help.

Eat. Rest. Love.
Hee hee. I am joyous too!
Call on me. Do not hesitate. Call me in. Draw me in from your inner heart & galaxy awareness. Galactic Kachina will help.