Stay tuned! March 2019 Japan Tour

Alessandra will be in Tokyo-Osaka-Fukuoka offering:

  • intimate private sessions
  • small intensives 8 people max
  • evening events
  • one day workshops
  • Iyashi Fair presentation


  1. Galactic Shamanic vision quests
  2. Alchemical crystal bowls
  3. Learn about your Soul Matrix
  4. Understand the practical applications of Intuitive Expansion
  5. Unlocking your Soul’s Calling
  6. Embody your Soul Gifts
  7. Live as your Dynamic Self now and teach others


Come to one or come to ALL of the magical, scintillating Galactic Dragon Empress workshops! Come to one and be triggered into a new soul path of greater awakening, come to all three and quantum triple your ability to manifest on this dimensional plane while being a Dragon Empress of real life and 5D life. All in one. You are the master of your life and you have called for this shift. Others have not answered their call. You are here to make BIG changes occur within you, within the dimensional planes of the Japan stratosphere and within the world. You alone, now can begin to create the massive ripples of change that are here and have been waiting for you to trigger into a multiple level of being. In a way, this is your Higher Self calling you home and in a way, this is you responding to the greater light call, that mysterious magic that you KNEW existed yet had not seen on Earth. It is here, right here in Tokyo and Osaka. Is it a coincidence that you live here now? As massive ancient galactic portals are opening again?

You are the guardian of these portals and you need to know how to work your body, your emotional-mental, physical and spiritual bodies, to bring upon this colossal change.

In these workshops, we will be awakening the Divine Feminine Earth Dragon of Japan and within you.

We will be the New Wave creating together the New Earth, the New Japan. We will be continuing this work within ourselves, individually with our family, friends, clients and in groups. Japan is a key to humanity and world ascension. Japan is rare collection of vortexes nowhere on Earth like this!

We will be:

  1. Awakening the futuristic dragon of Japan, the ancient Earth Mother Dragon of Japan.
  2. Waking up the Goddess spirits of mountains, guardians of ancient portals which are re-opening now.
  3. Learning specific tools to maintain a healthy normal life while really being a secret priestess assisting world changes
  4. Paradigm shifters invoking major changes within ourselves
  5. During workshops, you will be altered. You will bring this change with you into the world. Downloads, activations with tools to move forward.
  6. Receiving new codes within our neocortex.
  7. Transform with cutting-edge sound energy transmissions. You will experience vibrations from a large shaman drum, 3 alchemical crystal bowls, 2 idiopans, koshi bells.
  8. Trained in the principles of 5D soul psychology, Galactic Shamanism tools & practical daily applications/energy exercises.
  9. Through ancient shamanic practices and new neuropsychological tools, we will be achieving new groundedness in our bodies. This will allow us to be more present on our path. Where we are walking our path and jumping into a higher octave of soul mission, walking path of sacred mother, ancient priestess.
  10. Go on a vision quest in altered states of consciousness on a Galactic Shamanic journey into 5D-7D galactic temple spaces.

[One day workshop only or all three? You decide. You can come to one workshop and it is possible to receive all the energy transformation you are capable of receiving and integrating. If you are a healer, own your own business, or want to change the world then come to all 3 workshops. It is best to come to all 3 because they are a complete unit, a special quantum package.]


My guides have told me clearly that the Earth is calling back to herself ancient old frequencies, wavelengths from all over the Universes. The Earth needs these frequency-tides in order to reawaken her people from a long dark slumber. The Galactic Dragon Empress is here to make this happen. She is weaving what was with what will-be. Japan is a collection of vortices (a vortex complex) that is sending and receiving galactic information from all over the Universe. This dragon is a highway-information-system that is gathering this information. This Dragon Empress is bringing down and anchoring new ancient cosmic codes into the bodies of the women (and men) coming to these workshops. This is a transmutational process. I see her flying in the cosmos. Showing us & linking us with other worlds and galaxies. It is our role as Elders of the New Earth to heal ourselves, treat ourselves as the body-temples which can and will bring in the new codes that Earth is asking for. With the assistance of the Galactic Dragon Empress we can begin to assimilate these new frequencies in our bodies and then bring these frequencies into Japan and Earth. As we continue to shed the old paradigm, and our old hurts, pains and fears we begin to shed more soul-light into our bodies and prepare for the New Wave Ascension. All of this is assisted by the love and attention of the now awakening Japan Mother Earth Dragon.


I can see that the back ridges of the Japan Earth Mother dragon. They are comprised of ALL of the mountain ranges in Japan including phenomenal spirit places such as Mt Fujisan. The Galactic Dragon Empress and the Japan Mother Earth Dragon are real spirits. They are so big, vast, wise and loving, they are also known as ‘kachinas.’ Kachina is a Hopi Native American word for the larger spirits that live in mountains or even galaxies. While we will be working, calling, collaborating with these kachina dragons we will also be working with the spark of these dragon spirits within us. For we are the center of the Universe, the Source lives within us, and from within us can birth the love for all of the Universe. The Japan Mother Earth Dragon is a very ancient spirit that lived in the land of Japan many eons ago when Japan used to be the greatest world’s advanced civilization before the time of Atlantis. She has been dormant waiting to awaken when Japan-humans were awakening once again to the brilliance they once were. In a time, so challenging where their light, and only their unique light could save all of humanity. The Japan Mother Earth dragon is the dragoness, the Divine Feminine Dragon who is coming back to restore humanity to the balance and love of the Divine Feminine. We all need her. And you are the key!

1-DRAGON HEAD CODE – Tokyo- Saturday March 2
In order to pave the way for the Divine Feminine Dragon we are to clear ourselves, and the world, of the masculine, patriarchal mind. That part of us that is controlled, tight, tense and enslaved to old patterns that no longer serve us. We are locked into old habits and behaviours that keep us in a repeat pattern of life. Free your mind, free your mind-programming! And allow new downloads and activations to pierce light into your third eye. This workshop is about breaking the old crust of confusion and constriction around us in order to feel free and see life with renewed clarity.

FOCUS: Energy, electrical impulses in our nerves, brain, thoughts. Recharge ourselves. Understanding how to prevent mental burn-out.


  1. Cleaning, clearing, grounding our mental body, mind-programs, old beliefs of self-doubt, self-sabotage, blocks and feeling stuck.
  2. Incredible third eye deep cleanse
  3. Blessing for achieving higher clarity & manifestation focus
  4. Quantum leaps in your direction for your work, business, home plans
  5. Forward momentum, launch forward in your life, dreams and path
  6. Being a new Queen of consciousness!
  7. New light of clarity trusting your intuitive sense
  8. New neural pathways in our brain, new light codes. Never before brought into the Earth stratosphere!
  9. Releasing past-life blocks, past life old programming, clearing the blind-spots to your psychology
  10. Recharging yourself, rejuvenate, reset!
  11. Galactic Shamanic journey in altered states of consciousness to meet & awaken the Japan Earth Mother Dragon
  12. Galactic Shamanic journey to meet & collaborate with the Galactic Dragon Empress
  13. Installation of the Dragon Head Code within your mind space & lightbody as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth


  1. How to continue this work on your own and/or in groups
  2. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  3. How to clean, clear your mind and third eye in great depth
  4. Shortcut quick exercise to clean, clear your mind and third eye
  5. How to use sound to reprogram your mind and behaviours
  6. How to use energy healing to reprogram your mind and behaviours
  7. How to ground, clean and clear clients and family’s third eye and mind-space
  8. How to be a guardian for your local land Earth area, finding local portals
  9. How to work with the local spirit-Goddess-elementals of the area that are assisting with the ascension of Japan


  • You will be more magnetic, drawing people, opportunities, business and love to yourself
  • You will have the support, assistance and power of the Galactic Dragon Empress kachina and Japan Mother Dragon kachina.
  • You will carry within your light-body the spiritual gifts of the Dragon Heart code
You will have aligned your emotional body and heart with your Higher Self
You will have a bond with the local spirit-Goddess-elementals of the area that are assisting with the ascension of Japan


3-DRAGON PATH CODE- Osaka- Sunday March 10th
Many of us people on Earth do not see this but we accidentally collect dense, dark energy at our feet. It psychically looks like weeds. With the help of powerful Spirit Guides this unseen darkness can be effectively cleared away. Once this accumulated muck is cleared we then are free to live the life of purpose we were intended to! The Dragon Path code was brought to Earth in order to clear the way. To clear your soul path, energetically manifested between your feet and where your auric field intersects with the Earth. If you are reading these words then you are a Japanese way-shower, a Master-in-training. You are being called to brighten your soul-path on Earth so that you may live the life you were meant to. For personal soul growth, for the advancement of your family and for your soul family mission. You have the opportunity here to also re-awaken the ancient, ancestral powers laden within Japan’s magical land. You are being called to rekindle the dragon ley lines! Yes! We are really doing this! The Dragon Ley Lines in Japan have been suppressed eons ago. The forces within the Dragon Ley Lines were too powerful and the wrong people would have abused them so they were closed down and hidden. Now is the time for the Japanese Dragon Ley lines to open up again. And you and only you, a Japanese way-shower, can do this ancient sacred work. This is why the opening of the Dragon Ley Lines begins with the cleaning and clearing of your feet-chakras, that place where your aura intersects with Mother Earth. Once your feet a cleared you will be installing Dragon Path code. After this workshop where ever you step you will be blessing the Earth with the Dragon Path codes! And the awakening of the Dragon Ley Lines will have begun.

FOCUS: Groundedness, Earth, Updated Life Path

  • Galactic Shamanic journey in altered states of consciousness to meet the Japan Earth Mother Dragon
  • Galactic Shamanic journey in to meet the Galactic Dragon Empress
  • Groundedness in our bodies. Being on your path. Walking path, higher octave of soul mission, walking path of sacred mother, ancient priestess
  • A deep profound clearing, cleanse, eradication of many-past life gunk from your feet chakras, from the place where your aura intersects with Mother Earth. This is a clearing of your soul path on Earth
  • Installation of the Dragon Path Code within your grounded space as an activation of the Guardian of the New Earth
  • Ancient portals opening in Osaka if you live here you are most likely a guardian.


  1. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  2. How to clean, clear your feet chakras
  3. Unprecedented, cutting-edge spiritual technological tools
  4. How to continue this work on your own and/or in groups
  5. How to be a guardian for the ancient portals opening near you
  6. How to recharge and maintain your feet chakra clear
  7. How to recharge your Dragon Path code
  8. How to work with the local spirit-Goddess-elementals of the area that are assisting with the ascension of Japan


  • You will have the support, assistance and power of the Galactic Dragon Empress kachina & Japan Mother Dragon kachina.
  • You will have aligned your sense of purpose with your Higher Self
  • You will exude more confidence
  • You will know and feel that every step you make on Earth is a blessing to the planet!
  • You will carry within your lightbody the spiritual gifts of the Dragon Path code
  • You will be able to activate others into the body of the Japan Mother Earth Dragon kachina.
  • You will have a bond with the local spirit-Goddess-elementals of the area that are assisting with the ascension of Japan


Each group session is an intense Galactic Shamanic journey.
We astraly travel to the famous crystal temple in Aldebaran 7D star space.
You will receive soul gifts from star-ray-frequencies & master guides.

Group session are extremely powerful and they are Alessandra’s favorite thing to do! Each group session is a unique different adventure so it is very fun! What makes group sessions so extremely unique is the transformative power of the ‘group cohesive force field.’ It is a principle of Galactic Shamanism where if several people are together in a shared focus and shared energy and they are guided by a galactic shaman, then a very incredible experience and shift can happen. It is a very different experience from having a private session or from being in a workshop.

In a group session, you get to experience funneled energy healing very similar to what the famous Native Americans accomplished in their tipi-healings. What is so exciting is that YOU get to experience pulsating energies inside your body and your auric field. The power of the concentrated energy allows you to get enhanced extra-sensory abilities. This means that in this shared state you get to see much more easily with your third eye! You get to sense the energy currents of energy healing more easily. And for some, you even get to clairaudient hear with greater ease. The ‘group cohesive force field’ technique by Alessandra and the galactic frequencies is especially designed to enhance and boost YOUR abilities to sense and see the 5D realms.

You will then receive soul gifts & accelerated healing from a unique, rare wide spectrum of frequencies from the Universe. This is Alessandra’s specialty as a Galactic Shaman. She specializes in stretching her shamanic abilities to reach a very wide span of platinum-rainbow-ray frequencies which are gathered from this and other Universes. This unfolds so that you get to be reconnected with very special aspects of your multidimensional soul. This is to enrich you and expand you as the Multidimensional being that you are. Alessandra will share what she sees is happening energetically. For example, one participant was so very happy she was crying because she was seeing her unicorn guide! Alessandra shared with the group that this participant had a shining unicorn guide to her left- exactly where the customer saw it! Each participant in the group will receive a soul gift from guest appearances of many frequencies from the Universe such as: dragon, unicorn, galactic masters, angels, fairies & more! It is just so very exciting to be part of this group experience because we get to meet someone’s unicorn when maybe you yourself were meeting your own fairy-guide. And so, you see, we get to be more enriched as multidimensional beings through this incredibly unique experience!

If you are attending the workshops then it would be a fantastic opportunity for you to participate in a group session. You will maximize your ability to grow and expand as a healer and person. If you are coming to a workshop then you can receive specific, tailored energy healing within the group so that your workshop experience can be enhanced, so that you will learn and be trained to the best of your ability while having all the possible support from the kachina spirits. Ajo!


Alessandra brings in frequencies from multiple Universes in order to assist you with the re-weaving of your Master Soul: your multidimensional self. She assists people in preparing for the ascension from this galaxy. Which means her private sessions, group healings, workshops are designed to connect you with the frequency bandwidth that nourishes your full spectrum healing into the higher octave of you.  Alessandra is facilitating the development of Elders of the New Earth. All the people and healers who come to Alessandra’s work are way-showers, builders of the New World, whether they are doing it within themselves or on a larger scale.

Alessandra transmits the frequencies of:

  • Cosmic Whale Grandmothers from other Universes
  • Galactic Kachina the Spirit of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galactic Dragon Kachinas
  • Fujisan & Mt Shasta & other Mountain kachinas
  • Lady Venus/ Goddess Isis/Sekhmet/Medusa
  • Archangels Metatron, Ariel, Elohim
  • Alatron Master Alchemist Technology Intelligence
  • Arcturian/Antarian/Andromedan star rays
  • Guest Appearances from various rays of light from all over the Universes!


The oracle cards are channeled art by Alessandra. Each card is a direct transmission from a loving Galactic Master Guide who wishes to meet you!

There are many frequencies in the Universe that are streaming back into Earth now. It is our job as the way-shower healers to connect with these star-light frequencies and bring them into our hearts and bodies. We then can carry these new codes into our family, friends and clients and Mother Earth.

Meet the frequency love from:
Arcturus, Sirius, Antares, Orion, Andromedan fairies, Pleiadian cat beings, Aldebaran plasma, DNA Encoders, Crystalline Encoders, White Tiger Beings, Lady Venus, Hathors, Lyra, Lion-beings, Tree Nymphs & many more!

Mayan Shaman said:
“These cards are just paper… but they hold a sacred being inside!”

Tokyo customer:
“This isn’t just an oracle card, it’s a PORTAL!”