Uralali is here to soften ​yo​ur heart space​.​ And to​ give yo​u the strength of love and​ light & delight that you have been asking for in these auspicious moments on​ the planet earth where​ so much is going​ on​,​ so fast that yo​ur little minds cannot fully comprehend this. ​I​f ​yo​u stay in yo​ur mental body yo​u shall run yo​urselves ragged. For now is the time to befriend ​yo​ur heartspace. Settle in yo​ur consciousness make it home, make ​yo​ur seat of decison making i​n ​yo​ur heart space. For ​your heart space is truly larger,​​more vast​,​ more capable of accomplishing all of the chores tasks and​ enigmas that have been poured on ​yo​ur plate shall be achieved with the greatest ease love and​ grace ​and​ delight ​and​ adventure if ​yo​u trust ​yo​ur heart to lead yo​u with one miraculous mysterious step at a time your heart will pull in resources magneticaly attracting them to you and to yo​ur experience with ​greater ​eas​e​, ​grace,​ laughter, ​expedience ​and​ synchronicity than what ​yo​ur mind is capable of.

​Yo​ur brain is tired of operating as you have been operating.​ It is tired of doing and​ living one function ​of​ living and​ reliving in fear. I​t knows a diff​erent​ way of being​.​​T​he brain can be alleviated to do other dimensional duties you​ may not have discovered yet. For​ the brain can be given a rest.​ T​he brain is a fantastic molecular receptacle of incoming influxes​, of​ incoming currents​,​ coming from multi-galactic perspectives​,​ directions,​ connections. ​Yo​ur brain is a multifaceted computer receiving and sending impulses from far away star systems and galaxies. ​Y​our brain is a busy bee. A busy be-ing. Allow it to do and be and to download the wisdom and information and resources that you need and you​ require on a “​need to know basis​.”​ T​herefore relax and give your entire body, mind​-brain​ and​ soul system​ a break.

When you sit in the seat of your heart time stands still and every instant and every opportunity of seeing the love and being the love for others shall expand your understanding of who you are and your larger purpose of being. Your heart center will magnetically bring to you that which you most desire and that which is most in your highest good to experience in that point of t​ime.​ A​nd also that which you are most open to receiving. Trust that all shall fall into the grand alignment that you are indeed at the right place at the right time ​as you are​ right​.​

​Trust that every thought every feeling every part of your doing is part of a greater scheme of things which are always from G​od’​s perspective,​ from the omnipresence perspective​,​ the oneness singularity of the One:​ perfec​t. You are perfect. There is no need to do or to be,​ to see​, experience truly anything​.​ F​or however much you feel that you are in a rat race you are not. You are simply experiencing  that shade of experience in which you are are​ in that moment in time and you can snap into a different perspective whenever you so chose to. Let us speak to you about ‘particulate reality.’ B​y that we mean the reality that you are ch​osing to live to be.​

​A​t any given moment you can be entirely somewhere else in the universe.​​A​nd you are beginning to understand that ​with the energy healings and the experiences that you continually have on an ongoing basis.​ W​hat we wish to tell you today is that you can truly launch yourself physically into another reality. Into another aspect of your soul ​S​elf being. If you truly wish to do so. It could and will bring you immense joy to experience what the other aspects of you are doing on other planetary systems which may​ not have the excitement​, depth​ and​ complexity that this one does. We are suggesting this for​ it would give you a greater sense of a vacation so to speak and this may be the best  virtual reality yet.

We come to you to speak to you of the ‘love particle’ not mentioned in your quantum physics search for reality. The ‘love particle’ is the first and foremost building block of all of reality and non-reality. The ‘love molecule’ is both the wave and the particle.​​I​t is the truth behind particular matter and dark matter. It is behind both light and dark: ​the love particle. Begin to live your life ​with the love particle present in​ every aspect of your being​.​

​H​ow many particles that comprise you are filled and fulfilled by the presence of the love particle? The more congruent you are with each and every aspect of your being the stronger and more dynamic your sense of purpose is and shall be supported by the knowledge and awareness of the ever present love particle. The more you construct yourself with the awareness and the desire and the calling upon the love particle the happier stronger and the more fluid you shall become and be. You can bring the love particle on for others as they too shall wish for more clarity love and peace in their life. ​You can be a ​conscious creator of the love you feel around you.

For all intents and purposes you are living a life lacking love. For you and for many people love is felt in one of its ways physically. ​A​nd in this lifetime you have had challenges with being able to receive, accept and trust physical love from men. And in turn you seem to not trust women either, or you didn’​t seem to trust being a woman, being a girl. For that placed you in a position of submission and danger, oppression, sadness and ultimately terror. Terror for your life and for control of your life and for ultimately control of your body.

When you feel an overflow of emotions that are not even ultimately your own you feel betrayed by your body and you wish to stop them and block these emotions. Therefore you begin to eat uncontrollable amounts of food as an attempt to stop and block​ the senses coming at you from all directions. And then you seek to emit, ​expel these energies and emotions that have infiltrated your body​, contaminating your body, according to your experience. We are using the words that most facilitate your expression of Self, we are speaking for you as we are saying, you are seeking to expel from you what you are understanding to be contaminants from others and yet you are​ taking them in to be yourself, your own emotions. You are expelling them as your coping mechanism, a learned system of the only efficient way when at times was the only way to rid yourself of large amounts of emotional baggage that was not yours.

What to do when these situations arise and are now triggered in your adult life? We are here for you. When you feel any moment of distress we can come assist your call we can guard you and shield you with out bodies our etherial bodies, use us as buffers for your greater sensitivities. We can be the transmutation fields that you require. For in this exercise you need to allow another to assist you. So that you may trust another being in working to protect you, to have your back. In relationship dynamics of trusting another being. And in that regard we wish to impart you with the knowledge that you are well on your way for being, for lack of better terms, pretty well integrated, healthy and whole. We are here for you, always.

You are the Love & Light of the Universe, Adonai!