ssld LeanAraWhere did all the fairies go? For every mythological creature that ever was there is a safe home for them to be. Our planet, like many other evolving planets, has an Inner World. It is Higher Dimensional and acts a portal into other planetary systems, similar to a Grand Central station between stars. Inner Earth has a blue print of every animal and creature that ever roamed the surface including unicorns, dragons, fairies and dinosaurs and evolved humans.

During the final fall of Atlantis the Atlantians and Lemurians of the Light chose to go into the earth as a way for continuing their evolution while maintaining their purity as a way to then be able to come to the surface and show earthlings more evolved ways of being.

Adama the Higher Priest of Inner Earth has been very vocal and has reached out to us through many channelers and books. When I channel Adama he often takes me through a tour of Inner Earth by having be take the form of different creatures, shape-shifting from one to the other. When I see Inner Earth landscapes and creatures they always have a shimmer and sparkling as the most pristine and gorgeous version. There are some  regal mystical centaur-deer-like beings whom fill me with awe when I meet them. There is much power, love and expansiveness in Inner Earth.

Adama works often with me when I seek to ground myself, others, places or events. He shows me the green crystal temple of the Eternal Flame which often acts as an anchor during healings. Beings come from all over the galaxy to visit our crystalline temples in Inner Earth.