I AM LADY VENUS: I have a message for you on your spiritual journey

Planet Venus is related to Earth like a big sister just like the Andromeda galaxy is a big sister to the Milky Way galaxy. Planet Venus is closely connected to Inner Earth, all Earth life, plants, minerals DNA. She has gone through planetay ascension and is a fully recognized citizen of the Galactic Federation of Conscious Planets.

Lady Venus is in the brotherhood with Sananda, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Divine Mother Isis and planetary elementals. This image of Lady Venus is to bring you love, joy, heart-embrace and sensuality. Lady Venus and Divine Mother Isis promote the love of life, the senses and of appreciating the senuality of phsyical embodiment through all forms. Sensuality at its purest form is simply an exploration of physical life through the senses. It is about embodying a spark of joy and life in all that you do and in all of your interactions. The fairy-kingdom has kept this fiber alive by being flames that constantly change form, moving energy, sparking, sparking and shimmering into different levels of existence.

Shimmering then, much like a live spark of light from higher realms is promoted for you as a way to awaken other starseeds by the mere catching of the fire between eye gazes. A smile, maybe can then elicit a great soul-recognition with one another person, a total stranger! Shimmering love-light with loved ones, whether soul family or romantic partners is also a way of recharging one another. All these electrical currents pulsating from the ethers of VENUS come into your light-nerve cells, into your blood stream and into your very magnetic and physical heart space.

We are all ONE. We are love. FEEL the spark rise within you and come to your home planet within the heart of hearts: Venus.

This is Lady Venus. For personal and planetary acsension of my dear sister Earth Mother of the Adam Kadmon Galactic species. Amen.

Galactic Kachina info is from David K Miller Arcturian channel at www.GroupofForty.com