I bring you joy! For today I am extremely happy. I see you my brothers and sisters as bright lights on this wonderful blue jewel globe, the Earth Mother. You are so much stronger and more beautiful than what you can imagine.The light is both blinding and mesmerizing. So many interconnections are being interwoven as I am seeing and looking at you. So many webs of interweaving light-strands. You are the masters you have been looking for. You are the answer.

All we can do is help and bolster you as you design this great crescendo of light upon this darkened planet. You are the answers. You are the beings of light who have gone through so much, and we love you dear ones, for we are you. We are the part of you that had to stay back and let you do the dirty work so to speak. The real work, the trial and tribulation of re-awakening once again out the confinery of yet another planetary system fallen in the hands of darkness. But no, now the light is so bright, the beauty so apparent that I rejoice in this success and I am here to see you through.

Your mind, your body, they are not fully you. You know this. You are temporary beings in temporary guises but the greater larger eternal you is here with us in the Higher Realms. Now and only now are you reaching up your light to connect so well with your Higher Selves. We have seen it! You are merging your greater soul, your greater truth to the master I AM presence! You are united yourselves with your great one divinity! You are Masters! Masters in the making and we are here, so honored to walk this path with you, beside you. You are the blessed ones we have been waiting for. We honor you dear ones!
~ Channeled Art & Joy via Alessandra Gilioli

~More on Lyrans in the book “Sunshine Before Dawn” by Judy Satori