Dear, Greetings to Everyone. I am Lady Venus. I am Venusian in frequency yet I am very human and humanoid in form. I am here to greet you, all of you, as you are entering into my space. What do I mean by “my space”? It means that like a mother, I am inviting you into the protective robes and skirts of my space, as I work very closely with Mother Mary. If you have a familiarity with Mother Mary, if you welcome her into your heart, maybe consider allowing me into your heart space too. Because what I am offering you today is a set of tools, guidelines, ideas, that you already have within you that just need to be brought out or encouraged, so that you know that you are not going crazy or bonkers.

You have these innate abilities within you to be connected to the One Divine Source, what we call the Divine Prime Creator, or the Center of All Centers, which is not a separate person, is not a separate entity. It is the ultimate evolved sentient part of you that is pure love, pure divinity, that every single creation and every part of this and all universe is connected too, ultimately. Even the things that you mention in separation, such as peoples, group of peoples, religions, or dark beings of the dark forces, even they, are ultimately connected to the One Source.

So, we are a melting pot of oneness and unity. We are now talking to you from this higher point, me, as I am connected to all the guides that I am then connected to. We are talking to you from this connection point of “we are all one”. However, we are in a universe that lives in duality. We are coming down to you in a very polarized world and polarized time. Therefore, we will be talking about things that are considered bad or considered harmful to others and that while we do not wish to continue those activities, we recognize that the people that are bringing about this darkness are people that need to be loved, understood and cherished. It may not be your personal growth to be the one actively loving, but know that someone in this universe will be projecting love and therapeutic help and the appropriate evolutionary support that all beings need at certain times and places. Therefore, if we ever step down in our wording to talk about dark forces in a certain way as if they don’t belong, it simply means they don’t belong here and they belong somewhere else at a certain point.

Now let us focus on your tools, your abilities, your “super powers”, as we would say. And we are joking with this terminology of “super powers”. We are joking because we are saying that these are not necessarily even super powers. They are just ‘powers’. But we love the idea of ‘super heroes’. We love that frequency and those concepts to be in your collective field because it means that somewhere inside of you, some people think, “maybe this is possible. I don’t know how. I don’t know where. I don’t know when, but I do think that this is a possible concept.” We love to play within the realm of possibilities.

We would like to inseminate within you the concept that you do have super powers and the beautiful fifty-million-dollar question is, “How? How? How?” … to bring about your super powers. How to bring that state of clairvoyance, connection? …the ability for you to see beyond the challenges of the third dimensional world and reality and to see that there are beautiful beings and presences beyond this reality that are wanting to connect with you, that are part of you and that can help you live a happier, more fluid life where you are enjoying of your own talents, where you are creating and you are a whole new level of being fulfilled, that none of you have quite experienced yet, in this reality.

We are here to help you achieve what you are seeking. You are seeking many different words, but it is a different level of love, fulfilment, joy, and ecstatic presence. This is what we are here to bring forth within you and to co-create with you. I come from the planet Venus. You may think, “Oh, that is a different planet form Earth. It is in the solar system, but it is different. It is separate. It has its own being, identity.” Well, yes and no. You are familiar with astrology and you are familiar with the idea that everybody has the Venus position somewhere in their astrological charts. Therefore, we say to you that in a very psychological, and in a very astronomical direct way, our electromagnetic beams are actually intra-communicating with the intelligences and the multidimensional forces that are living inside of your physical body now.

Therefore, we from Venus are an intimate part of you. Not to mention that we, the Venus Beings, have been part of human history or human development that has not yet found a proper place in your current historical timeline.

We are here to tell you that you have a great capacity to love. And you know of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and of other phenomenal beings and teachers and master that have stepped on this planet. I can tell you with full confidence that these are our brothers and sisters and that they have been working with the planet Venus frequency, with the heart frequency of beauty and elegance and pure divine love.

The tools for ascension, the tools for your super powers, come in very neat packages that relate to your current consciousness level of development. The tools that you are to think of and are to focus on now are going to be given to you in a simple formula so that you can navigate and grow and enhance this formula within yourselves, your individual selves.

The first tool is the concept of the PURE of HEART. Because, through your heart space you have a portal for intra-dimensional travel that is the purest form of telepathy, transference, communication and experience of other worlds and other dimensions. While, in your human life form, the first and foremost thing is the idea of heart-health and heart-care. We are talking about the chakra heart, not necessarily as much the human physical heart, but that is part of it.

So, what do we mean by ‘Pure of heart’ or ‘heart health’ which is the center of all things, the center of your telepathy, the center of your clairvoyance, the center of your empathic super sensitivities, and indeed, the center and powerhouse for any of the other super powers that you might be thinking of. The ‘heart space’ and the ‘pure of heart’ means, in simple words, that you are not judging of others and you are not judging of yourself. That alone is very hard to accomplish.

If you are sarcastic or if you hold animosity towards others, if you have some levels of jealousy, if you feel uncomfortable around some people at times, if you find yourself inadvertently making potentially back handed compliments or hearing them or saying negative things, there is a certain amount of threshold that your subconscious can hold onto. It is sad to say that the majority of people on earth have a clogged subconscious. It is clogged, not only by your own personal endeavors in this and other lifetimes, but also extremely influenced by dissonant frequencies that are pumped out from the collective consciousness and from certain powers that be. Therefore, the whole idea of the ‘purity of heart’ is a simple one that is rather complex, in a way.

It is a simple concept. Be pure. Be clean. Be clear. Be pure with yourself. Be direct with yourself and be direct with others. However, this is complicated.

We can give you an example that really works for all behaviors and most human people and most human cultures. Pretend that you are a classmate with someone. You have gone to the same school. You’ve had the same education. You are in the same pool of graduates. You go off to do your own work with the world and your classmate ends up being wildly successful and popular and you don’t.

This level of comparison, to make you feel a large sense of lack, is an inevitable trap that many humans fall in. This idea of comparison and feeling lack of, and feeling of, “why does that person have that and I don’t?”  If they were in your same class, they were in the same place, they had the same education. They were basically feeling like they come from a similar platform as you. There was a sting of, not even jealously, but of: “but why?  But why?” and they not understanding. The people that are truly “Pure of Heart” can have their own personal complexes, psychological issues, and even past life issues or karmic, if you will, mostly resolved or organized so that they can coach themselves through the concepts of:

“Well, obviously that is the life path for that person. They are to work with those levels of success. Maybe they have worked for it in other lifetimes. Maybe my lifetime is that I have a different path that I may not see it as well. But, I can see clearly that other person’s path. Maybe there is something that I am to be doing or creating or focusing on. Or, obviously, I am to be focusing on something else but I am not sure what it is. And this is hard work. Yes. This is frustrating. But I honor myself purely. I trust that I am on the right track. “

That was quite an evolved set of thoughts or feelings to have for a person that is really, mostly, pure of heart.

There are many similar instances or positions where our hearts are contaminated by unresolved issues within our field. This is a preferred path. This is most definitely not the only path. And you will ask us, “Why there are some people who have their super powers intact, maybe not all of them, but many of them?”. That is a tricky question to answer, that we will simply say, the answer is:

There are limitless ways to enter and to come into this earth portal and there are many pathways that the souls that are coming into the earth are choosing to come in. Therefore, the big question is: “What package deal did you buy? (laugh) Marketing wise, what package deal did you buy into? Well, with you and your guides and your higher self, and what is it that you truly came in to do?”

Some super powers– and we mean clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, even extreme artistic or athletic talent– all of these abilities are absolutely innate and possible potentials within every single human, no matter what circumstances, any single human on earth. That is your divine right and divine possibility that truly exists within you.

Now it is true that some people come in with such powerfully developed super powers or gifts that one can only call it, “gift”. We would like to make sure that you understand that it is not entirely a gift from God or the One Source that says, “Oh, this beautiful baby, John, coming into the world. We’re going to touch him with a magical wand on his forehead and give him the gift of singing like an opera singer by the age of 8 and he will be on the America’s-Got-Talent talent show.”

That is not exactly how things work. The 9-year-old, that goes on the talent show and busts out opera songs, is a child (It’s a soul) that has clearly had the experience of being in a physical body and being able to train the vocal chords and to make those sounds. That soul has had that training either on earth or in similar other places in the multi verse where there was a physical body, a humanoid body, that was working with the vibrations of sound and breath. Therefore, what we see from one end of human experience from the inside as, “Oh, that’s a gift”, is just simply, instead of a gift, it is an opening or an aperture of the super power energies or the higher dimensional energies that are active within them, the streams that are opening.

Therefore, we repeat. Everybody has the ability to hear guides, to see guides, to see the other dimensions, to sense them, to even smell them, to physically feel them around you. All of these have been called psychic or intuitive abilities and other abilities too that might be rarer to talk about, where when you sing or do light language that you can see full visions. All of these experiences are actually pretty natural to the human, if the human is raised in a culture, society, and thought form frequency, in a higher vibrational place, more like a heaven space, or a Garden of Eden where there is the true organic fruit and where there are other people of similar higher-minded thoughts. Given the right nurture environment, with specific layers and layers of support, can the human form and human consciousness and being, achieve phenomenal levels of these super powers.

There have been times on earth where humans or humanoid shaped beings were able to indeed achieve the phenomenal things that super heroes get to achieve. Indeed, there have been beings that came from other dimensional places or planets that had their powers intact and that were using them. Therefore, the super heroes are memory flashes from other timelines on earth of advanced civilizations or even including memories from other beings who came to visit the earth.

Therefore, there is an importance to describe or to define just the power and extent that the super powers or the psychic innate abilities that a human can achieve, because we would like to explain to you that the super hero level of ability can only be achieved under extremely specific circumstances where the whole culture, thousands of people, need to believe in and to support the idea of telepathy. If the whole community believes in telepathy and telepathic psychic abilities, then the whole community creates a platform and a momentum where then the stronger ones in that ability can then achieve more on the outer bell curve of the ratio of how much can one community hold and what is the talent, extreme talent, and spectrum of talent within a group of people –realizing that the extreme talent that one person brings in is contingent upon a large number of people that are considered average. They are holding an anchoring point –because you are more interconnected than you all realize. You are not really, never ever, living an individual life style.

Therefore, we are giving you 2 major points that are related to how to foster your innate super powers or what we are calling psychic intuitive powers. There are 2 major points that we are bringing in off which everything else can stem

The first one is being pure of heart which means getting your stuff together. Which means fully, fully understanding and working through therapeutic processes and energy healing processes of yourself and of all of your multidimensional bodies, emotional body, mental body and all of the subtle bodies that work within the area, even working with the idea of meridians. That in one.

Number 2, we are talking about having an environment that supports psychic, intuitive and loving, safe abilities. If you do not have that environment within your culture or civilization, then you have a lot of work to do. You start by creating miniature communities, whether they are online or in person, of other like-minded people who are activated and maybe farther ahead of you in your process where you can help each other out. So therefore, be around intuitives. Be around people who resonate with your heart frequencies and you shall enhance each other in this work.

Therefore, bringing out your super powers, intuitive abilities is a very collaborative venture. It does not revolve around a guru. Although the guru path does work for some people on this earth. We, from planet Venus, are more of this collaborative sharing brotherhood-sisterhood sharing idea where you all help each other out. Some people might be a little bit farther ahead, but they might be lacking in some areas that you have very, very well developed in this and in other lifetimes. Therefore, you help each other by intra community support, appreciation, and understanding that truly, truly everybody is equal and there are only differentiations between having honed the skill or having lack in certain areas. Everybody everywhere is fully equal and we are simply playing the game of different roles.

In the eyes of the creator, everybody has equal value but, yet, the roles are played differently. So, with this role you get to achieve this, with that role you get to do that. If you are an extreme darkness being, well, then you are playing that part of the game that actually affects other people to help them reach their sovereignty. So, there is a deep purpose for everything. While we are in the level of duality and we say, “We do not really sponsor murderers. We do not sponsor mind control. We do not sponsor endless war.”, we can understand that those people need to be taken into a level of training to be able to evolve out of those frequencies. But we are recognizing that it is not appropriate for this world to be in an elated state of heaven suspension which there is no evolutionary growth into the higher forms. There needs to be, at least in this world, in these dimensions, in this universe, there is a current purpose for all of the darkness that does not make sense.

Again, it is not a purpose for us right now, or for you to be overly focusing as to what is the reason for the presence of darkness in so many worlds or realities, or especially on earth now. Simply understand that there is a divine purpose for everything and that your purpose for now is to indulge, if we can use that word, indulge in the deep love for yourself and for your heart and for your intuitive abilities because your purity of heart can unleash the portal to your intuitive abilities. Your intuitive abilities are the route and the direct path for you to directly feel the One Source. If that is our one and only goal for you, us, from planet Venus and love, is for you to feel the love from the One Creator Source and for you to feel that you belong, feel that you deserve and feel that you are infinitely perfect in how you are right now in this choice of expression that you are having right now.

Our final message to you is: “Yes. Yes. Yes. Enjoy your psychic intuitive abilities.” Because through them you will feel through all of your senses you will feel, the ecstatic presence of being one with all source. You will then be able to better withstand and understand further the next points of your evolutionary steps, the next points of your journey. You will be maximizing your potentials and abilities and your love is expanding multifold with these ideas, thoughts, and purposes. We, from Venus, are simply one humble ingredient and part of this everlasting, ever limitless, endless, universes, multiverses. We are reminding you of the One True Source, the one connection that you are connected to.

Again, if we can be of any service to you, as we are reaching out to your now, we are humbly your servants. We are witnessing your radiance. We are witnessing your light. We are saying, “Yes. Yes. Yes. You are it. You are all one. We are all one”. We humbly thank you and hug you and tell you, “Thank you for receiving our message. May it multiply and may your ecstatic presence be contagious to all other beings who are  wanting to seek that also.”