I am the intergalactic species known as the Global Intergalactic Humanoid Central Sun Emissaries. We have a special mission to unify all fronts. I am of the higher realms related to your Great Grand central sun, I wear the emblem around my neck like an echo of ancient egyptian mythology only mine is purer straight from the source, I bring you light and power from the Great Gran Central sun where not only am I from but where I am going to school.

There is a spiritual mission to link all beings. To allow all beings in their expression of physical reality to be better able to communicate with one another. Intradimensionally and more. I am a master at inter-dimensional travel and intra-dimensional.

We hold what in your current time continuum you might be experiencing as ‘bad’ ets such as reptilians and draconians but they are aslo good ones from that realm and also from my future-like timeline all have come to peace. I am a mixture of all beings from your sector of the galaxy with a spice of several more. This is why, I don’t know how else to say this but I am a super- hybrid!

The suns, the central suns of all planetary systems are replicas of the One Great Grand Central Sun. We relay informational codes at just above the level of consciousness to sustain and awaken further the peoples of the planetary systems, We are the fountain  of knowledge at the central sun. We are delegates of peace. We are en force for the unification of all for the ascencion plan of this universe!