Elders of New Earth: Weaving a New Paradigm

Saturday November 16th at 4:00-5:30pm USA cst
Sunday November 17th at 9:00-10:30am Sydney, Australia
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We are about to embark on a new adventure! The year 2012 had opened us up to a new cycle, or precycle, and we are now at the end of the birthing canal getting ready to see the New World. Together we are building and weaving the New Earth paradigm. We are at this juncture together to see each of our faces, honor all of our cultures and help those whose culture have been lost. For we need all peoples of the Earth to form the Rainbow Bridge and we need all the stars to be rewoven back into our lives and myth. The New Earth ecosystem is being rebuilt now in the hearts of us; the women and heart-spaced-men who are gathering in groups, large and small, to reweave threads of the ancient and new. How is all of this done? Through . . 


We are all embodying these new frequencies at this very moment! Let us shine our light ever brighter and let us ignite a fire like the phoenix to help rebirth a new a just society for all. Let our light blast help support all others who are also seeking to make the world a better place.

How to start all of this? So many choices and options to raise our frequency. Yet a spiritual high can only be sustained when our hearts and brain waves are in proper attuned coherence. While our hearts are very adept at the spiritual high it’s the mind that argues. Hee hee. So we are to meet in this teleseminar to inform and nourish our mind into beginning to see the dots that interconnect us all. 

The NEW EARTH ECOSYSTEM is built upon rekindling the wisdom of the ancients, opening our hearts to all people and daring to live up to our highest potential. 

We are to build new myths which support us.
We are to create a new World View.
We are to form a greater multidimensional Identity.

Galactic Shamanic Journey:

Building the teepee of the Elders of New Earth

We will go on a Galactic Shamanic journey Meeting in the Cave of Codes down in Inner Earth. And then broadcasting outward, connecting to Venus who is doing her rose petaled sacred geometrical dance around the sun. We are weaving old and new.

Center of Earth connecting with the first nations of the Earth all of the First Peoples, the animal kingdom, deva kingdom, crystals and plant kingdom interfacing the the star-mirrors in our night sky.

Learn about

  • Venus, Scorpio & Moon positions in November’s Galactic Astrology.
  • Including info about the November’s highlighted 3 constellations out of the 88 known constellations of the night sky: Andromeda, Cassiopeia & Phoenix.
  • Aboriginal star mythology
  • Updates on the activations occurring at the Aboriginal sacred site Uluru in Australia.


Earth Star Chakra
Extended grounding for better peace of heart, reduction of anxiety from self and others. Finding your place in the shifting landscape of now. Settling in. Nesting, closing in within the self to build a bigger, stronger exterior. Deep listening, attuning to Mother Earth and the Creatrix Mother of All. Honoring the ancestors of all times, the first nation wisdoms weaving into the now reality of Unity Consciousness.

Higher Heart Chakra expansion.
Knowing how to practice radical self-love for self and all others. Being in Unity while also being a centered individual. Accessing, creating, forging new Heart-Centeredness Venus Love.


45 Min transmission by Alessandra Gilioli
45 Min Galactic Shamanic Journey by Mother-Daughter Team:
Lin Prucher & Alessandra Gilioli
Alchemical Sounds: Idiopans, angel wings, crystal harp, crystal bowls, drums

Venus’s Sacred Geometrical Dance!


Source: Nakedeyeplanets.com/venus


Lady Venus and other Star Master frequencies are your hosts re-introducing you to your greater Cosmic home! Written and illustrated by Alessandra inspired by healers around the globe. New Earth advocates around the world are using these cards and accessing greater light for their clients and families. Get your deck now!

Alessandra Gilioli is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Nov 16, 2019 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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