Facilitated by: Ana Ottone from House of Alchemy
Dates: March 8th and other dates TBA

(Event link Facebook/alchemyhouseof)

This is a call only for those souls who have been/are feeling the call to hold, anchor and work with the energy of the Pacific Fire Ring. It is a call for pillars of light that resonate with sustaining and balancing those energies.

March marks 8 years of the fukushima nuclear disaster that continues radiating radioactivity in the waters. But beyond this (the code of the 8th anniversary is 11-3), Japan is being exposed to its own karmic mission and the awareness of unity is needed in that corridor, where it concentrates The Male Creator power for the new earth.

With those pillars-healers who feel a response to this call, be aware that we will be collaborating with groups of healers in Tokyo, Japan (lead by Alessandra Gilioli) who will be at the same date and time, working on rebalancing these energies. From the distance, we will hold and establish a new power grid of unity and feminine consciousness-love on this electric portal which needs to be contained.

This initiative will be comprised of several mini remote global meditations. These will hold the grid and minimize the effects of energy that will have to be released.

Pillars are required in state of union, with collective consciousness and strength.

The focus is Japan but its effects affect all the energy of the fire ring.

Those who wish to participate, please write me (Ana Ottone- House of Alchemy) by private message. Work will be in March.

Thank you!

Note: it is not the intention of this post to transmit fear.
Whoever knows how to read the frequency will understand the purpose of work.

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