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Meanwhile, check out what all the buzz is about. I mean BUZZZ. I have been up all night with crackling sizzling energy and its all NEW electrical downloads. This is new energy, new codes, new frequencies, new assistance, new fuel for us to build our dreams larger than imagined. Ooooeeee. Lets get started. 

The crystals came to me as a full download in 2017 when I was standing in Lago Atitlan surrounded by volcanoes and Mayan villages in Guatemala. I received further downloads in Rio, Brazil, the Andes mountains in Argentina and a big galactic beeping download on Mt Fujisan in Japan. My feeling is that they are coming with a lot of POWER and excitement to support us in our soul journey here on Earth now and to help strengthen ourselves, our network and the Crystal girds, leyline and ecosystem. I think we are being called to UP THE GAME in cocreating the New Earth now. Ajo!

Meet the Codes

The fairies really wanted me to PLAY! Play with colors, light refraction, layering trapped light and enfolded light. The graphic sacred geoetry codes are inside a plastic coaster. One one side there is the graphic on the backside there is a super sparkly texture. Each code has a different sparkl rainbow catching backing.

MultiDimensional Ley Lines

We are being invited to co-create a new never before-seen on Earth Plasma-Crystal- Network. This works with ur bodies, our lightbodies, our multidimesinoal self, guides, these plasma pillars, sacred sites, standing stones, and Mother Earth. New Leylines are being created as are also new neuralpathways. Maybe you will discover more and report back to me. I would love that! I keep receiving more info in blasts. Hard to keep up. Ooeee!

How Plasma Pillars Work

Images are powerful at shifting our frequency. If we look at higher dimensional images long enough, we can change our neural pathways to bring in higher light into our consciousness. These graphics were channeled for the purpose of shifting our frequency to bring in the New Earth into our cells and into our community. You can use this image and crystal to shift the energy in your home, office, personal physical space. These pillar crystals, like the obelisks in Ancient Egypt, are anchors of intradimensional light. These crystals have been attuned to the Aldebaran Stargate. The Aldebaran Stargate is bringing more energy, stamina, rejuvenation for every being on the New Earth. The crystals are happy to be used in Energy Healing sessions on self and/or others. There is an Aldebaran-Crystal-Fairy-frequency in this crystal. Ask the Crystal to introduce you to your Aldebaran Plasma Crystal Fairy. Touch or look at the Crystal to build a relationship with the Aldebaran Crystal Fairy. She can be one of your Healing Guides. Have fun and enjoy your multidimensional expansion of self! (If you have my oracle cards then Zion the Aldebaran Plasma frequency can assist with this).

Crystal Fairy Activation

The Aldebaran Crystal Pillars right after the activation. I layed down with crystals all around me and with the Aldebaran Crystal Pillars next to me. I was guided to bring my statue of Fairy Queen Birgid to be the officiary of the ceremony. I was immediatly brought to the Pink Stone Fairy on Eday Island, Scotland (see photo below). I stepped into the standing stone and become one with the Pink Stone Fairy. She is a portal being as am I. Suddenly the four Aldebaran Crystal Pillars pop up in the ground around the stone. They are tiny but mighty! She is happy. I am happy. Then suddenly more Aldebaran crystal pillars pop through the soil like galactic mushrooms. The grass is happy too now.

The Aldebaran Stargate gently aligns itself to the top of the standing stone. The Pink Stone Fairy shoots up into the Cosmos. Something is happening beyond my understanding. Its a big opening. A deep reconnection. I look down and energy is going down from the stone into the core of Mother Earth. From here it becomes an All Access Point: for the leylines, for you and your country and city. The light continues to travel and from the core it pops up to Sacred Sites around the world (known and unknown). They are receiving the light and are being the wayshowers to how we can use this light to enhance, awaken and recharge the leylines.

Laughing with Opera Music

Yep. Opera music is a fan-favorite of the fairies. Maybe because it seems like a cross bewteen shouting and singing. In this 44 second video I was unpacking the crystals they had just arrived. They had to immediatly breath and have acces to sun and air. You can’t see the sun from this video but you can feel the excitement and the joy and GIGGLES. The fairies produced this video and approve of this message.

My Charging Station

The fun continues as I was lead to put the whole batch of crystals on a cloth I had especially printed with the Aldebaran Stargate graphic. My super charged Crystal Pillars (my personal set!) had to be placed at the center as they welcomed the newbies. The newbies caught on real fast (heh heh). Such is futuristic technology. Oh, and the fairies were very serious about the fun. They created this video. I giggle each time I watch this one.
Never, ever in a million years would I have anticipated that I would have fallen so deeply in love and been so smitten by a melted quartz crystal. I was, and still am, a crystal snob. I can barely look at other crystals. Nothing excites me, other than super, super clear, high quality quartz. Then one day something happened. I was preparing for teaching in Japan I was downloading energetic info about the stargate of Aldebaran and I was guided to play around online. Well! Bammo WOW. I see these hexagonal prism rods. These melted crystal obelisks. They literaly jumped out and waved at me sparkling shiny, happy and new. Without hesitation and with a ton of cuosity I bought a batch for me. As soon as they arrived I was mesmerized. I truly felt like I was looking at a new creature. Like, where have you been all my life?? I then continued to follow an inner compass and soon I was making codes of art for each crystal. And it had to be 4. Four codes for 4 crystals. A portal….

 How will YOU use them?

The Plasma Crystal network is interconnecting in USA, UK, Japan, India and Australia! The Crystal Kits have landed in 4 continents! No healer is alike, we are all different. Our soul signature is unique therefore how your soul will guide to use, play and enhance the crystal kits will be as odd-ball and lovely as you alone are. For this reason I am super-curious as to what you find yourself doing, hearing and healing with these kits. Feel free to contact me with your story. Tallyhooo! 🙂

Futuristic Spiritual Technologies

Japan is very dear to my heart. I have a deep bond and soul connection to that magnificent, enigmatic, odd-ball land. I am blessed that I get to teach in Japan twice a year. Japan is an extremely unique country. It is the only one in the world to be on not two but five tectonic plates! That might explain why Japan is a way-station for intergalactic futuristic star-fairy technology. Japan has a very mysterious super-ancient history. In fact, I feel that there was an uber-advanced civilization in Japan around the time of Atlantsi. I call it the Japan-Atlantis as it has an extremely futuristic energy all of its own. Japan has a key to the planetary Ascension. The hearts of the Japanese people, women specially, are very expanded along with being very open minded people. I was in Tokyo and Osaka in March 2020 sharing the Aldebaran codes. Each of the four codes presented here (in the form of graphic art plus plasma pillar) received their own one-day-workshop! In Tokyo we worked with a close knit group of people astrally awakening the Earth Mother Dragon (Code 1). We also received a ceremony officiated by the Galactic Kachina (Empress of the Milky Way Galaxy Code 2) she assisted us in deeply connecting with our Galactic Healer Higher Self Aspect. The participants from Tokyo took a 2 hour train and came to Osaka where we did Code 3 for one day. The Cells-Mitochondria Code 3 presented us with the Mitochondria Queen who took us deep into our cell membranes to forge an updated bond with our very own Body Intelligence. The final day in Osaka we did Code 4 Gateway: the Aldebaran Stargate. All four Codes, all four Plasma Pillars together form the physical embodiment of the Aldebaran Stargate. This Stargate is simply reflecting back to us the light from our higher selves: from the Creatrix Source that we have been missing. It is the ultimate missing link. Filling in the gaps to forge the way back to full cohesion and pure multi-dimensionality. And of all places in the world Japan is a perfect hotspot for this kind of ultr-futuristic yet ancient spiritual technology. On with this FREQUENCY REVOLUTION!
The online-courses of these classes will soon be available!

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