1 Day workshop. Japan. March 12, 2021

Latest Neuroscience linking your body, biofield to the Cosmos

  1. Nervous system is the highway of electricity coursing through our bodies. And extends out into our Bio-Field. It is undergoing immense changes. As we react to new charges of photonic light. And more streams coming back online. And new stream s never come into contact with before
  2. Action Potential is the electrical charge that activates the nerve cell into action ( or no action). Nerves fuel all of our organs, including the biggest organ in our skin. And Brain. Capture New Energy to create new body circuitry.
  3. Aura technicians

  4. Less focus on chakras more focus on outer area of auric field, the Bio-Field, focus on energy currents extending from nerves= Galactic Meridians to fuel and charge these.
  5. How enjoy better quality of life while fulfilling life purpose

  6. How to SUSTAIN a higher frequency.
  7. Supercharging the mental, emotional, mental, physical bodies. Activating sustaining the mitochondria and plasma.
  8. Frequency Revolution: How to fulfill your soul’s mission

  9. How to OBTAIN a higher frequency. To be stronger, and go beyond life survival to creating a new Paradigm on Earth. In personal life and collective.
  10. Heart-Mind coherence= stability
  11. Mitochondria- think of it
  12. Plasma- know about it
  13. New Divine Masculine

  14. Coming in from Other Universes, strength, protection, more power, activation, ACTION. Building new energy fields for the action potential to work with