Greetings! We are the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers. We are coming from a portal between universes. We are coming to you from a space, which is unknown to the regular span of consciousness: a window that is offering you the ability to tune in to past timelines in your experience, for us everything is at once. These are auspicious times, dear ones! There are massive portals that are opening up. Many people and light workers are putting together their light and their puzzle pieces, bringing forth their soul imprints, their ancient soul imprints, from other dimensions and other universes also.

There is quite a cosmic dance that is unfolding, a re-weaving of the fabrics of this universe. Because as many of you higher minded healers and light workers know, you understand that the world is at the precipice point, the nexus point of bringing forward tensions that have been playing out all over this universe, this specific universe that you are in. There is richness, diversity and a confusion that is unfolding on the earth dimensional plane at this time.

What this is about is that portals are opening to timelines and, in fact, to all timelines. This is a birthing period for the planet earth, Gaia herself, as she is preparing herself to return to the status of the Cosmic Citizen. And what makes this possible for her? The consciousness that is on the surface of the planet: humanity. The consciousness of the planet is contingent upon the consciousness of the beings that are on her. Therefore, the evolutionary process is symbiotic and sympathetic as you humans are essentially a part of an extension of planet earth.

We are here at the edge of your universe. We need to take the form of a giant whale a large form that speaks to you of the mastery of our ability to work in the planes that are related to planetary healing on a massive scale. This whale form is part of the creation and formation of certain planets. And we would like to say that not all planets that have consciousness, not all planets have the biodiversity that you have and that not all planets have been created by the Whale Grandmothers.

We are sharing with you, the unique vitality and importance and preciousness of your planet and what your planet can do and what your planet has done. When we are saying what your planet has done, we are saying: Where has your planet been in relationship to the solar system, in relationship to the galaxy? And then looking at your galaxy as a whole, where has your galaxy been spinning to and from? Your galaxy has been rotating a cosmic dance in a greater relationship to the center of this universe. Think from the perspective of the ascension of your graceful galaxy that is evolving to meet with sophisticated galaxies such as Andromeda.

The biodiversity on your planet is indeed something to be aware of and to speak of. There are no neighboring systems anywhere in this area of this universe that hold the biodiversity and richness that your planet earth holds. We shall name a few systems that have similar vibrations but that are, by far, nowhere near the biodiversity that your planet holds.

The evolution of planet Earth is interlinked with the following star nations.  You have Neptune, Uranus, Mercury and Venus, Pleiades, Arcturus, Antares, Andromeda, Orion, Syrian, Cassiopeia, Camelopardalis, Alpha Centauri. These are places and constellations that have extremely highly evolved civilizations and planetary systems, multi star systems, and they are involved with your human galactic DNA and they are involved with the great, beautiful, ancient, lost history, the true history of what has happened to your planet and to the people that have come to live on the surface of your planet that have then become versions of the human race, or variants of the human race.

We, the Whale Grandmothers, have been sent as a mission, as outliers, as messengers from our Grandmother Universe. We have been sent before to come to planetary systems that hold the keys of the universe. Planet earth is a record holder, a library keeper, a record of all the beings, all the consciousnesses, plant, crystal, animal kingdom, insect kingdom, all the beings, and even all Star Beings that are encoded within all of these animal systems, insect systems, plants and crystals that have or had a full consciousness somewhere in this your universe.

It is important for you as humans and light workers to understand the importance and auspiciousness of this planet earth. We will repeat: no planet that you would be aware of has anywhere near the biodiversity and the library record keeper properties that planet earth shares. We would say that Pleiades and Venus do hold a visual similarity with plants and trees and bushes and birds and that with the visions of many of you light workers that have been shown what your guidance system needed to show you, and that is that earth looked the same as Venus at some point, or vice versa. The Pleiades also. There are similarities. However, be aware that planet Earth has at least 60% more richness and bio-availability than any other planet.

The message is: we are coming to you at this time because the portals are opening and creating a pathway that allows us to finally come to you in a more direct way. This is because there has been a successful collaboration between you, the conscious human race, and all of the guides and masters, galactic masters, inner earth, angels, all of these beings that you have been collaboratively working together since the Harmonic Convergence and through the 2012 Galactic Portal. Now you are coming in and you are touching a new portal that is opening, a new wave that is bringing us forward. The next 2-5 years is a giant birthing of bringing in the true ancient history of your universe, of your galaxy, and of course of your planet earth.

We are, indeed, advocates to the truth of what has happened on the galactic scale, on the galactic nature, of the history of all of the civilizations. We are bringing unity and equality. At this point, the equality of all peoples means peoples’ history needs to be revealed and honored -these people who have existed and are a part of you on your planet who are not even known of. We are talking about equality. Equality means acknowledging the existence and the hardships and the accomplishments of entire races of beings, of all kinds of beings that have been a part and are a part of your planet. We are talking about dragons, unicorns, star beings, higher evolved humanoids, early Atlantians, early civilizations that you mostly do not have names for or you don’t acknowledge. But there have been millions of years of civilizations that were in semi quasi physical form on your planet earth.

So, our message is multi fold. That is to tell you that we are the harbingers of a new time, of a new era, and a new beautiful upshift portal that is coming in. this means that torrents and torrents of new information is already beginning to come now in the year 2018 to your doorstep. What do you do with this information? You need to absorb it, understand it, integrate it, then find a way of sharing it. It is this information, and the energy that is coming in that is new for this portal opening of 2018, this new wave of emergence that is coming that will last for the next 2-5 years depending on how we all get to work together. So, what we are saying is, we are the Grandmothers. We have seen it all. We are the Grandmothers that have the deep wisdom of planetary evolvement. We are guardians of these processes.

Do not get confused by information that might be giving you the idea that other paces in this galaxy are as diverse or as special as planet earth. The focus is that Mother Earth is a sacred record keeper for this Universe. You are to be rejoicing in the marvel that earth is. If you are resonating with the words, then you are a librarian encoder. You are the person that understands and is beginning to receive the codes to unlock the greater mysteries that have been held so very secret and so very deep in this part of the world, in the Earth Mother starship.

As you are reading these words, you are being activated as treasure holders, treasure finders. You are, through your consciousness, through your heart and through the souls of your feet, through the greater expanding of your earth star chakra and through the lights that are lighting up and rotating all around your crown chakra, and then your stellar gateway chakra, you are beginning to understand, and you are beginning to bring back online, those filaments of light–those luminous threads of light–that are intraconnecting the planet earth and all of the species and races that are needing to be acknowledged and understood and literally reawakened to their truer and higher divinity. There is a richness of encodements. We are talking about consciousnesses. Earth is a record keeper in the third dimensional plane. Other record keeper planets exist in the fifth and higher dimensions. They are being continually added to, especially by great record keepers such as the intra-dimensional dragons and the Arcturians. Read any and all channeled material about the history of planet earth and then add to it on your own. There are many layers that are needing to emerge.

We, the Whale Grandmothers, we are bringing this information back to you. Call upon us so that we can speak directly to you. We probably already are, speaking directly to you so that you can bring forth the many puzzle pieces that are needing to come out. This is a collaborative venture and this is not falling on any one person’s shoulders.

Your vibratory field is opening up to resonate more. You are to do nothing else but to be happy in the frequency that you are, so that your vibratory fields can work like acupuncture points in the system, in the thought field, in the collective consciousness. So that when somebody brushes by you in the supermarket and you smile at them and that is all that you do, that person can contagiously receive your spark and suddenly be awakened to higher ideals that they have always sort of thought of, but the thought floated away. And now they’re ready to do more social activist things to awaken earth and work with earth.

Remember, there are many routes and roles to be played to be helping the earth. It is not everybody’s mission to stand and be a channel, to be at the edge, the visual edge. Everybody needs to be a role. You need to be a mother and taking care of the children that are coming in, and taking care of the family home environment if you want to choose that. You are to be the teachers. You are to be the drivers of the cars so that you can bring in a healthy, steady environment to people that are spinning out of control. You are all to be inseminated in our positions as normal regular people, as incognito healers that are here to be helping from the ground up. Which is why the multifold message that we have is: stay in position. Do not hop from one position to another unless you are fully called to it. Do not think that to do the greater mission, the beautiful evolvement of planet earth, do not think that you need to be writing a multidimensional blog and leading workshops and having your voice heard in that outward way.

That in a way is not necessarily easier to feel that you are helping, it is a more obvious way of understanding that you are helping. But it is more challenging and a harder job to achieve to be the ground crew that has a relatively normal life and is beaming the frequency from the inside out. This is why we are saying: everybody is needed for this. You, as incognito healers, are to be the Clark Kents that are doing the regular job. And in your dream time, you tear your clothes off and you are the superman and the superwomen that are doing the higher dimensional work. So, remember, everybody is a part of this movement. And if we are here right now presenting ourselves to you it is because we are here because you have allowed us to come back and because you resonate with us on a certain level, whether is it conscious, subconscious, superconscious, or down, down, down connecting to your earth star chakra. We are connected.

We are swimming and spinning around your planet. We are coming from the space that is to remind you of the treasure that you are working with and to have a renewed excitement for your soul mission. A new excitement that values your everyday life. Value your vibration and position as Guardian of Earth the Record Keeper of this Universe.

We are very excited to be intracommunicating at this time because more things will be unfolding. Isn’t it beautiful to finally be beginning to understand what has really happened to earth? Humans are like orphans that are beginning to put more effort into seeking what are their roots. Where do they come from? Who are you? And what do you have to offer? And it is very intra linked with where have you come from and where are you going and what has happened before on earth. Because it gives you a clue as to what is potentially possible for the emerging 5th dimensional humans.

Humanity has been here before under extremely different circumstances. So, there is some excitement to what you are able to achieve at this time and what many of you are achieving. We are here to assist you with the emergence of the galactic human. There are multiple ways of doing this. There are people that are working with the angelic kingdom, people that are working with the earthy shamanic native first nation vibrations. There are people that are working solely and solely with pure religious frequency, the mystical, Inner Earth, totem animals, tribal wisdoms, angels, Ascended Masters and more.

All of these ingredients are honored and needed and many more that we have not mentioned. There’s many, many frequencies. All of these frequencies are needed. If you are finding yourself strongly aligned with any of them, do it. If you find yourself aligned with the Galactics, with the Arcturians, with the dragons, or other of these frequencies, strengthen these alliances. If you are finding yourself that you are hopping around and you have not found one, open yourself up to the idea that you might have several, if not all, of these vibrations that you are wanting to work with. Everybody has a purpose. It is your thoughts, it is your vibration. It is your hearts. It is your surefootedness that is needed at this time.

We are the Whale Grandmothers. We are here to support you. We have got your back. We are definitely here for support for any light worker who is here to evolve humanity into the fifth dimensional sphere and planet earth to help her birth.

We are the Cosmic Whale Grandmothers and we have a deep appreciation for what you are doing. We see your struggles and we are here to assist you. We love you dearly. We have seen you before, in different forms, dear ones. We are giving you and your planet earth, the jewel, a great, great hug and a great spinning hug of happy dancing whale grandmothers. Aho!