HATHORS - CopyWhat is karma?

Karma is attachment. Attachment is also desire and unfulfillment. If you wish you are to have no attachments to anything. Karma is magnetic. Emotions are magnetic. Karma is unresolved emotions.

Am I creating karma right now?

If as an awakened lightworker you are living freer and with no attachment to outcome, people or things then you may not be incurring karma. If you have great clarity and expansion in all of your actions then you are moving freely without causing emotional-karmic entanglements

Cosmic Karma?

You have Earthly karma to resolve which you most likely have mostly melted away. You also have COSMIC KARMA. As a multidimensional being with parallel aspects you have karma from other dimensions, places, planets & worlds. There is planetary karma being played out in the world right now. Entire races have been transferred to the earth in order to resolve this right now. If you feel particularly stuck on an issue and think it is larger than the situation calls for it is a karmic issue. It may be such a big issue that it is affected by the karmic baggage of experiences layered from lives beyond the Earth. This then may begin to explain why a current issue may have such a large amount of power and resistance behind it.

Blockages are due to Cosmic Karma?

At this junction of your soul’s history and evolution mostly likely yes. You are in process of ascending from the Earth. You are transmuting all that brought you here and this includes lives you have had before planning to come to Earth.

How Karma is Experienced

Karma is not as simple as I kill my lover out of jealous rage and in the next life I get killed. No karma is about the root of the problem. What cause the jealous rage? Was it a sense of lack of love, abandonment, fear of betrayal? The root of the issue is what will perpetuate scenarios until that issue is resolved. For example if a soul has issues with fearing being manipulated the soul will be magnetically attracted to scenarios that will play out all angles of that issue.

Unresolved Unfulfillment

Karma is about unresolved emotions. Anger, fear & sadness, the negative emotions aren’t the only ones to keep a soul stuck in the 3D. The feelings of unfulfillment are also ties to the 3D. For unfulfillment is another form of attachment. When a soul reaches fulfillment in all areas of its life and is fully and truly freed from mind programs, desires and wishes then the soul has completed its cycle and is free of karmic entanglements. There is no magnetic pull drawing the soul to reincarnate on this plane.

How to Unlock Cosmic Karma?

The key to freedom is: choice, awareness and consciousness. If a being is aware that there are other choices, if he has the consciousness to see the whole picture then he is in an expanded state and does not contract and incur unresolved energy bundles. In order to achieve this level of awareness a being on the earth plane must awaken to many higher levels of being than the current standard. In order to be fully aware the being is to understand that she has had lives in other dimensions and see how they have affected who she is now.

A state of compassion, self compassion is a massive key in this process. Evolution of being is an ongoing process, self love is another portal to completion of being. Be as much in an expanded state of union with all beings and all shall unfold with ease, grace love and wonder.

~Hathors via Alessandra