They change by the observer. Nothing is a constant. Because we like to experience things, things become into existence for our sheer pleasure of interacting. There is to be no attachment to the color of the chakra, for the color is simply an information relay symbol system. Therefore experiment with seeing the chakras as WHITE. Therefore giving it the full spectrum of its potential. Seeing it as undifferentiated white light, such as the Omega light, which is a wonderful tool. The undifferentiated white light of the chakras is a fantastic tool. To see them in their perfect pristine state, to see them as a full spectrum of colors that they are and can be of all the information they can give to you, receive for you. Seeing them as specific colors was an old informational system. But some people saw fragments of at that point in time. It is still a wonderful informational guidance system, but everything is in flux all the time. Information and symbols change.

We wish to show you an experience: the beautiful softness of a chakra. Visualize heart centered energy and how indeed delicate and pristine the center of the heart sphere chakra can be. The center but it is simply light and light shifts, and it shifted. And there is no density there either. There is focused consciousness.

This is focused intelligence is an aspect of the higher self. Working for the best and highest good of the electrical intricate system that is the human being. Again all is in flux. The chakra system is not as set in stone and rigid as might be experienced. The chakra system is an informational guidance system and may not be as important as other hidden knowledge that is coming your way!!

~Antarians via Alessandra Gilioli
Excerpt from upcoming book on the Galactic Human