Receive Personal Healing

You will receive a dynamic personal healing and zinger message from Lady Venus. Stay on the line and after the power transmission for the whole group there will be booster healings one-by-one. Everyone receives the healing too, however when Lady Venus gives the message to the individual it is very strong, lazer focused and intensive. This is specially designed to assist eachother as temple priestesses and geared to maximize group cohesive force-field for quantum spring-board healing and forward momentum.

Lady Venus has a message for you!

Upgrading Lightbody Templates

Alessandra channels Lady Venus and Divine Mother Isis. There are also guest appearances of the Galactic Kachina, White Buffalo Calf woman and others! This is an enthralling all-encompassing energy healing event you don’t want to miss. Be in a state of receiving energy healing, meditation and shamanic journeying. Godess Isis weaves new DNA energy codes within our templates. Each transmission is entirely new and different from the previous as we work through specific archetypes and profund psycological porcesses. Lady Venus transmits frequencies from Venus, Pleiades and the Central Sun she works with the Devic kingdom and with planetary consciousness. There is a question and answer portion at the end.

Aim of Sisters of Venus      

Sisters of Venus was formed in order to anchor in a physical presence on Mother Earth the energies of the Cosmic Feminine. Mother Earth is in need of an infusion of the Feminine Energy in order to restore balance, love, peace and harmony to all beings. This is an intimate group of people who are seeking to reconnect with the primal, wild, instinctual nature of the Feminine. This include profound personal and planetary healing. Sisters of Venus is a living transmission of all timelines from all civilizations, this is a rekindling of the Ancient Mystery Schools and tribal nations brought together in the here and now: updating our divine blue print to be in synchronicity with the Cosmic Center. Aho!

The dynamics of group energy are phenomenal!

And a mostly still untapped resource. Like a hidden treasure what can be accomplished in group energy is beyond the imaginable. This is my purpose and my special skill.  I feel at home when navigating group dynamics through the guidance of Galactic Ascended Masters. In group energy session we are replicating a system that many of us have done before. So it is deliciously familiar. An old echo of magic.

Long ago, at different times, at different places around the world, groups of sacred priestesses would meet in temples, groves and underground caverns. Doing the work of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Thoth and Isis and many, many other names after that. I remember being an Essene, a priestess of Isis, an oracle, a Vestal Virgin. I know you have been there too because otherwise you would not have been drawn here.

Collaboration & Mutual Support

I remember that we took turns being the main channel conduit. In priestess circles it wasn’t always just the same one high priestess. We changed roles as supporter, anchor and grounder. I saw myself as the conduit in Mesopotamia. It was my turn to embody that role and this can only be achieved with the cohesive tight-knit interweaving of multiple roles and movable parts. Like beautiful clockwork. We priestesses were many and dressed in gold. I was sitting on the Goddess throne. Together we were all going to bring in the Divine Feminine Goddess and broadcast that liquid golden light to the thousands of people gathered around at the base of the giant step pyramid.

There was a fellow initiate kneeling before me her hands on  my feet. (I remember having played that role too). There was a priestess standing behind me so tall and poised her hands firm on my shoulders. All around us the geometry of place-structure of the pyramid- supported the broadcast. The specific mathematical positions of the priestesses supported this.

Call of the Priestess

We are coming towards the end of the Earth Quarantine Era. In this dark stretch of the precession of the equinoxes this past 12,000 years or so, about half of the precession time marks the dark period of Earth civilization cycles. We need ALL of the priestesses from ALL times to be back online to usher in the epic New Golden Age on Earth!

While I am taking the lead as the Elder Sister of the Priestesses it is not my wish or intention of keeping you here. May you waltz in and waltz out. May you get the support, booster, courage or affirmation your soul calling seeks. And may you grow, expand, blossom and lead a life and movement of your own design! We are here as one collective, global family. We are the Sisters of Venus!


I just want to thank you for the sisters of Isis meeting last Friday. I enjoyed it very much and felt quite good for a couple of days afterward. I also feel more awake and somehow more advanced on my path already! ~ L  in USA


Thank you so much for this broadcast, Alessandra! You’re doing an amazing job! Blessings for your ability to contact higher forms of energy and sharing this with us. With love and gratitude! ~M in Poland