Channeling in a crystal grid enhances your telempathic abilities, clarifies your focus, gives you greater stamina & confidence. Mind chatter is considerably reduced giving you a feeling of safety, and protection as you are in a sacred spot especially created for the purpose of channeling. I like feeling that I am held part in this dimension and part in another via a white and blue corridor of light blasting me juice-power!

Pictured here is a Star of David (the corners of the triangles are held in place by the crystals) within a medicine wheel (a cardinal cross set of crystals holding the position of N, S, E, W).

Etheric light emanating from the crystals connects with our nadis, the electrical impulses which get fed into our nerves, which in turn signal our brain and body with information codes from otherwhere.

There are endless formations of crystal grids, playing will bring you to the one that works for you!