Saturday June 23  
9am-4pm workshop in a log cabin home & visit Cahokia Mounds.
Private event. Total 15 healer participants.
Sunday June 24
Sunrise at the woodhenge. Sun aligns perfectly with the ancient woodhenge.
(a walk from Cahokia Mound). FREE Public event run by local archaeologists.
30 Ramey St, Collinsville, IL 62234
& at a log cabin home 7 min from the site
(address disclosed upon registration)
The sacred site stands specificaly on a magical conjunction of underwater rivers, surface rivers and several potent magnetic laylines. Its a bonifide hot spot! Seen and understood by the star nations as a prime place for local interaction and manifestation.
Participants  are responsible for: transportation to Cahokia, over-night stay arrangements, and providing own lunch.
Included in the event bundle is: entry to the Saturday workshop; the opportunity to co-mingle with local Chicago-area like-minded healers, create sacred ceremony & receive energy healing transmissions from Archangel Metatron & White Buffalo Calf Woman. Along with the alchemical forces that Mother Earth has to offer at the sacred site of Cahokia during the magical portal of the summer solstice!
I was guided to bring dedicated healers together so that we may all assist one another in powerfully manifesting our own imprint on saving the world. When we join together in ceremony of:
1) magic place (Cahokia sacred site) and
2) magical time (solstice) 
potent alchemical changes can shift within us and within the world.
The strong vision I have of this event is a tribal warrior of the light staking the ground with a giant spear announcing fearlessly to the world: “I am here. Beware. I have come to change and alter this reality. I come with Spirit Walkers; those beings of the light on the other side of the veil who pick up where we humans leave off.”
Clearing the Land of America
I asked my guides ‘how can I be of service in USA and Chicago?’ They showed me an image of me gathered with powerful, heart-strong healers, clearing the lands of dark muck. As the ground crew, humans are the reigns of consciousness through which angels get to do their work, our work. I see us as a ground crew, tiny as little ants, with beams of light showering into us and ginormous city-wide clouds of brilliant legions of angels directed by AA Metatron doing a massive land clearing. This lifting of the fog will bring great clarity to all of those who are seeking it. And will create layers of light off of which all other light workers work can finally take a stronger hold. This kind of epic movement will also launch us,  pesonaly in our careers and in our pwn specifc ways of being planetary healers.
Bringing in Grandmother Love for All People
We all have our lives here built on American soil built on the semi-extinction of a very beautiful race of people: our Native Americans. Let us pay homage to our ancestors and the bringers of native wisdom that have been here before us and whom live within us. Let us bring back the wisdom of the Wise Old Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman comes with the feeling of restoration, love, soothingness and balance. The blessing of land will be honoring all the ancient people that have called Cahokia their home. And there have been many. 
We only have 4 spots left!!
Feel free to contact Alessandra at: AlessandraGilioli@gmail.com