Greetings dear ones this is Papa Bear, we are of the Bear Clan from the Stars known to you as Ursa Major- the bear constellation named for the ancients knew. And knew for a long time that we the bears have come from another galaxy, long ago and far away in a time when much galactic warring was occurring, while some of us have specialized in warrior-hood and are protectors of our family our home and now our galaxy, we are not suited as the battling type. We are not inclined to war we do not wish to enter into polarization with any being. We are peaceful, loving and kind. We have come here today to speak to you of peace, and calmness within the Self within the inner most reaches of your soul where stillness speaks and where your true Self and identity lies.

Fear not crawling within into the recesses of the unconscious self, we are adept at that. For we are future seers – our sight can take us far into the nether worlds. We have seen the past – we know ourselves.  We know others’ tendencies so we seek far out into future worlds and times casting out this net this other view as we seek a timeline to our liking. Then we recede and reform our way of being in order to align with that future timeline making it form into reality.

While the time is now and all realities converge there is also the fine game of inter-threading realities. While we leave the threading to others we are creator beings and we like to create while we hibernate. We go into a deep trance of being where we see what it is we wish to do and build. Building with our very own bodes changing what we are used to doing and being in a whole new way- yet this is all part of the cycle.

I seek you, I reach out to you for I am the Papa Bear, and while I am youthful in appearance as I am the eternal child, I am also the father, the bear protector. I envelop you. Let me take care of you, dear child of the light for much has happened to you and much is still unfolding.

Dear Heart, be not afraid of what is yet to come and embrace the world you find yourself in. Essentially no one place is home. We know that well. Yet home is where we are and find ourselves to be. We create home with our bodies. Come find refuge in our space. Create, nestle and be your own home. We are here with you dear heart. Look to the Ursa Major for the stars shall twinkle knowing you. For you dear child, are of the stars. And of the stars you shall ever be. Shine your essence in ways you never knew possible and live in the wonderment of whom you truly are!