I am here to tell you that you are not broken. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, dear ones. You are perfect. You are magnificent. And this is why we are talking with you. We are here to simply gently remind you of the powers that you have within that are now to emanate out from you ever more. We are here to remind you that your thoughts are not your thoughts. Your feelings and emotions are not yours. And nor are they of your making.

Let us explain. You are higher dimensional-spiritual-beings borrowing a form that appears to be made of mass. But this is an illusion, as is your mind, as is your emotional body. This illusion is a program that you have agreed to download into and use for the time being. This program, the human-body-suit, actually has millions of programs within. Which one are you using primarily is the question. The secret within the body-suit-program-use is that unfortunately it is linked in with the Collective-Consciousness-super-programing. This is both a good and bad influence. The good influence is that each of your higher dimensional thoughts spark through your human-body-suit and alight new possibilities for others to access in the Collective-Unconsciousness-pool. In the ‘bad’ level of experience each of the negative, sad or lower density emotions that EVERYONE is having are linked within you via the strings interconnection you and everyone within the collective consciousness grid that feeds into your human-body-suit.

You are in essence to make greater use of your mind-heart power-thoughts and override the lower density collective consciousness program.

This is why we are saying that you are perfect.

You are brilliant just as you are. The lower density pain, suffering confusion, sadness and indecision that you are experiencing is simply the loudest program talking to you pulsating within the soup of Collective Consciousness. How are you to unlink from the Collective Consciousness? Easier than what you might think. Think and feel is the key. With each higher light thought you dispel 1000 lower density thoughts! This means that you are a power house! You are master magi of the Higher Thought program realms. You are the ones who were sent down to pump this planet with the subterfuge of Higher Dimensional energy! You are the bright light, the magic-juice that everyone is seeking! You are incognito Warriors of the Light.


Use your thought-power to hack yourself and others out of the lower density confusion grids. This is how you do it:

1) In invoke the Omega Light to surround and bless me

2) I am linked within the liquid Crystalline Grids from the White Crystal Planet

3) See new liquid white light pathways alight your mind-programs, central nervous system, reality program

4) Receive love-light from the Galacic Kachina, heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, through your heart

5) Feel blessed from Mother Earth she is thankful you are here now

6) I bask each of my cells in new White Light from the Grand Central Sun

7) Hum, tone, sing; the vibrations within your physical body will pick up the signal to alter in resonance, shifting into higher gear

8) I am extending my luminous threads of light to re-connect with my Highest Sovereignty, my Master Guides, the Elohim and the Adonai

9) I am one with the Universe, I am a Divine Being, I am Love, I am Unity, I am Ever Expanding Joy! Aho

~~Love from your Galactic Council for Earth Team Ascension!